About Me

Now I will tell you about me, so that you can have some idea of my background and how it affects my experiences and thoughts.

I’m a straight male in my mid-30s and live in a major city in Southern California.  I grew up in SoCal, though in a different area than where I reside now.  And I will probably live my entire life here, because I generally like it.

I work for myself in a white-collar professional position, but at the time of this writing I’m definitely not wealthy.  Far from it.  Despite the fact that I grew up in a relatively well-off household, I’ve never worked very hard and have never really had much money.  In fact, my family still helps me out with some of my expenses.  I was smart enough to get through college and grad-school with ease (and with merit-based scholarships), but was always too lazy to achieve “good grades” or any special honors.

You could sum me up with, “Really smart; really lazy.”

Physically, I’m somewhat short and quite thin.  This has been a burden that I’ve dealt with my entire life.  We all know the role stature plays in the mating market, and this has been a big hurdle for me.  To this day I think it limits the attractiveness of women that are available to me.

One thing going for me is that I have a somewhat handsome face and youthful appearance.  And I have a rather large shlong, which is something I’m proud of.  So my body would likely be considered a “4” but my face might be an “8,” giving me an overall physical score of “6.”  I think this is a fair assessment of my physical attributes.