About this blog

So after years of posting online I’ve decided to write my shit down in my own blog.  I’ve done this because I’ve found that most people posting about their experiences dating really have no experience dating, have had bad experiences dating, or haven’t learned anything from their experiences dating.

Dating blogs by men tend to fit into the following categories, or a combination thereof:

  1. The young guy who has no real experience dating but spouts lots of theories.
  2. The bitter guy who has an axe to grind with women.
  3. The guy who vents his rage against modern society by focusing on the dating world.

This blog will be none of those.

I will post the truth here, though I may change certain unimportant details like locations, descriptions of people, ages, dates and time… stuff like that.  To maintain privacy.

I do not have any idea how often I’ll update this blog.  Sometimes it may be every day, sometimes it may be months between posts.  You may wish to receive an email update when the blog is updated; currently you can do so by clicking the “Follow” button at the bottom right of your screen.

Also, I will frequently change the “name” under which I post.  I do this because I’m not interested in being “known” as any particular person or have any sort of label attached to myself.  What interests me are ideas, not people.

You’ll notice that readers cannot comment on my posts.  This is because from what I’ve seen, the vast majority of people don’t know shit, no offense.  They know even less about dating and sociology.  And they know essentially zero about women, and that includes women.  In general, blog comments are an intellectual wasteland and I’m not interested in maintaining them here.  So this is where folks can read about my experiences and my thoughts; if they have their own, they can start their own blog.

I realize that preventing people from commenting will dramatically decrease the readership of this blog.  Fine by me, I’m mostly writing this for myself anyway.  Please note that I also will probably not respond to email or contacts from readers.  As I said, this is mostly a blog from myself to myself, it’s not a two-way discussion.  If you want to eavesdrop on my personal thoughts, make yourself at home.