My early dating history & the seduction community: Part 2/3

Here’s a little more about my dating past, which isn’t the most interesting but I think is necessary to set a background.

Even with the minor success using Speed Seduction techniques, I was too lazy to incorporate them into my standard conversations.  It takes a great deal of mental focus, and as I said before I’m just too lazy to do that for any extended length of time.

My senior year in college was a decent time with women, but at no time was I much of a “player.”  This was the late ’90s, and I was at a really nerdy college.  If young people were having tons of sex, like we’re meant to believe, they weren’t doing it anywhere around me.

So after I got out of college I didn’t have much luck with women at all.  I don’t think many guys do, quite frankly.  You’ve gone from being a big fish in a small pond to being a youthful nobody in a huge pond.  From the age of 23 to about 26 I couldn’t get a date to save my life.  I had an ok job, I frequented bars and coffee shops, etc., (no clubs really).  But the women just did not like me, did not want me at all.

Then in late 2002 I started internet dating and this opened up a whole new world.  It was free, and the women were (mostly) single, and there were just so many of them.  Within three months of starting internet dating, I’d slept with more women than I had in my entire 26 years prior.  Were they stunning hotties?  Of course not, they were quite average, some below-average.  But I was having a great time.

(Concluded in next post)