My early dating history & the seduction community: Part 3/3

In early 2003, one of these internet women became a girlfriend whom I still (sort of) have today.  Having a girlfriend, however, did not stop me from dating.  I’d spent my mid-20s completely unable to get a date, and I did not want to be in that position again.

I realized quickly that it was much better to have 2, 3, 4 women in one’s life than just one.  At all times.  Forever.  I still have this view today.

So from 2003 to the present day I’ve dated dozens of women.  Several dozen.  Most of these have been one-date forgettables, some have turned into short-term relationships, and a handful have turned into long-term relationships.  All of these relationships, since 2003, have overlapped.  I’ve had one 8+ year relationship, a 4-year relationship, a 3-year relationship, a one-year relationship, and several 3-6 month relationships all overlap within that 9-year time-frame.  And I’ve had more than a few one-night stands and extremely short-term relationships take place in that time as well.

Now the next question you would have is: do these women know about this?  And the answer is, no they don’t.  Except the time one Long Term Relationship (LTR) found out about another LTR.  And all hell broke loose.  But that’s a story for another day.

So yes, I do lie to women.  All the damn time.  But as we’ll see in another post, I believe they expect this.  And there are much worse things a man can do to women than to lie to them about banging other women.

And so to this day I maintain my pace.  I try to have a couple of LTRs (MLTRs as people in community call them) going at once, often with a STR thrown in, and working on one-night lays all the while.

I hope to continue to do this until the day I die.  I am convinced that a man needs more than one woman in his life at all times, and this blog will reflect that value throughout its pages.

I also maintain my pace in contributing to the “seduction community” as much as possible. is no more, but I’ve posted on since 2001, I’ve posted on since a couple of years ago, I was banned from, I’ve posted on since recently, and I comment on seduction blogs. I’m familiar with all the major players of the “seduction” world, old and new, crazy and crazier: Ross Jeffries, R. Don Steele, Ray Gordon, Mystery, David DeAngelo, Gunwitch, MrSex4uNYC, and most recently the RSD guys.

It hasn’t always been this way.  At some points in my life I’ve gone for years without posting about seduction.  It’s a hobby that interests me sometimes and wanes at other times.

I haven’t spent much money on seduction materials, though I’ve gleaned a lot from the guys I mentioned.  In fact, I remember when Mystery came onto the internet scene.  He would stuff a tape recorder down his pants and then go out and try to pick up women in the street, then he’d post those recordings online.  It was funny as hell.

So you can see I’ve been around far, far longer than almost everybody.  In that time, I’ve posted under a variety of names, and recently deleted most archived posts from ASF.  To maintain my privacy of course.  I’m not interested in being “known” and my posts have been made under so many different usernames at so many different times that there’s no way they could be pieced together.  But they’re out there, thousands of them.  And now my plan is to condense most of those thoughts into this blog.