Rule 1: Women Attract Women

Before we begin with the Rules, here’s a disclaimer: These Rules are a model of reality.  They are not “truth.”  They are a simplification of the world that I’ve experienced in my life.  I don’t think any rule anywhere ever is universal, and these are no exception.  But, they are accurate distillations of the reality I have perceived.  And I’m a pretty perceptive guy with lots of experience.

Now, on to the Rules!

This is the most fundamental rule of the mating market, as far as men are concerned.

Rule 1: Women Attract Women

This is like the old saying “money makes money.”  It’s true, and it has a tremendous number of important ramifications.  In fact, all of seduction theory rests on this one basic rule.

The main corollary is that, fundamentally, “women are the ONLY THING that attracts women,” or to put it another way, “Without women, you will attract no women, no matter what else you have.”  And the inverse is true, if you have lots of women interested in you, you need nothing else to attract more women to you.

As with money, if you don’t have any, you won’t make any.  Hard work is nothing without tools, which require money.  Even knowing what to work on, and how to do the work, requires education, which requires money.  Money requires prior money to generate it, and only if you have enough money can you make more.  Barring some calamity, the rich always get richer; barring some tremendous stroke of luck, the poor always remain poor.

Same with women.  If you have some, more will follow.  If you have none, you will remain that way.  This is the most fundamental rule that men fail to fully grasp.  If you don’t believe this rule, you will forever be a chump with chicks.

Women attract women.  This leads to Rule 2, which I will touch on here but discuss in detail later.

You’ve heard of “game,” which is men’s attempts to use psychology and behavior to attract and seduce women.

Game is merely the simulation of having many women in your life.  Men who have many women in their lives… don’t need game!  Or to put it a different way: they already have it, without trying.  Or to put it another way: men don’t need to simulate what they actually have.

Look at it this way, your “game” behavior — acting cool, not putting women on a pedestal, not chasing, acting like a ‘jerk’ — all those modes of behavior are how you would naturally act if there were many women who were interested in you.

This fundamental axiom, that women attract women and are, in fact, the only thing that attracts women, is something that will underpin all of the theories of this blog.  And it’s been borne out again and again in my own experiences.

Now, there is one situation that some men will point to to show that this theory is false, so I will address it now even though it’s somewhat advanced.  That’s when a woman finds out that you have lots of other women in your life and dumps you because she feels threatened.

This does happen.  But it does not violate the Rule.  The Rule is: Women Attract Women.  Just because a woman dumps you doesn’t mean she’s not attracted to you.  Women who dump men for having “too many” women do not dump them out of a lack of attraction, they dump them out of a fear that they cannot compete with so many other women.  It’s fear, not lack of attraction, which causes the dump.

So I’m not saying that you should advertise that 10,000 women are on your jock, or you will literally scare away many women.  You have to play it down a middle path, and calibrate it for each woman you want to seduce.  We’ll go into this much more later.