Rule 2: “Game” is the simulation of having many women

Here’s another rule that may make some people scratch their heads.  I touched on it in a previous post.

What the “seduction community” calls “game” consists of various psychological tactics that can be used to make it more likely that women will bang you.  They are techniques that can be employed when in public and when in private to attract and seduce women.

But in reality, “game” is nothing more than the simulation of having many women in your life.  Specifically, the simulation of having many sexual options available at the current time.

Every game “technique” or “tactic” is automatically and unconsciously employed when a man has multiple women who are interested in him.  Subtle “negs,” non-needy body language, “qualifying” a woman rather than allowing her to do so to you, etc… you do all that stuff without realizing it when you’re already getting as much pussy as you can handle.

Unfortunately the only way to test this rule is to, in fact, have many women.  And, once this has been accomplished, to then observe one’s own behavior.  You will find that when you are satisfied with the amount of pussy you have at your disposal, women will see you and seek you out, or at least make any of your advances much more rewarding for you.

This brings me to my third rule — Date Multiple Women, Always — which I will touch upon in one of my next entries.  And I will frequently come back to this rule so remember it.