Rule 3: Date Multiple Women, Always

We’ve determined in previous posts that women attract women, and that “game” is the simulation of having multiple women in one’s life.  What comes next and is derived from those two things is:

Rule 3: Date Multiple Women, Always

(By “date” I mean “have a sexual relationship with.”  I don’t necessarily mean taking them out on classic “dates.”  I certainly don’t mean “courting” or “wooing” them.  My “dates” usually consist of going out for drinks, then back to her place to fuck, maybe watch some TV, shoot the shit, walk around town, smoke a joint, that sort of thing.  The only thing that’s mandatory is the sex.  I use the word “date” because it’s short and easy to remember.  But as we’ll see in another post, the concept of taking a woman you haven’t screwed yet out to dinner and movies is no longer relevant in the 21st Century.)

You should always have 2-4 women in your life.  More if you can swing it.  By “in your life” I mean these should be women you are seeing at least every couple of weeks and whom you screw every time you see them.  Maybe you see Girl A twice a week, Girl B every two weeks, and Girl C, who lives 100 miles away, once a month.  That’s fine.

How to get these women in the first place is a subject for another day.  Right now we’ll concentrate on the fact that you should constantly, and I mean constantly, have more than one woman in your life.

R. Don Steel in his book, “How to Date Young Women for Men Over 35,” suggested having 3 girls at all times, because 2 is dangerously close to 1, which inevitably leads to 0.  This is a decent rule.  My math goes something like this.

4 girls = 4 girls

3 girls = 3 girls

2 girls = 2 girls (barely)

1 girl = 0 girls

Read that again.  You will notice that having one girl leads to having no girls.  This always happens.  If women attract women, and they’re the only thing that attracts women, then when your one girl sniffs around and doesn’t pick up the scent of other women on you, she will leave.  Might not be today, might not be this week, but it will happen.

You may have heard this rule summarized as “keep spinning plates, ” or “have a harem,” or whatnot.  This rule is not as controversial as my others.  However, there is one point that must be made.  It’s the last word — “Always.”  “Date Multiple Women, Always.”  This in fact means ALWAYS.  That is, for your whole life.

This means that unless you are a Mormon, you will never be married.  Yep, that’s right.  You will not be getting married this lifetime.  You will be dating, screwing, and in general having relationships with multiple women until the day you die.  But let’s face it, marriage is an obsolete institution anyway.  I for one don’t shed a tear for its demise.  Of course, some of you have deep-seated urges to find that special someone, settle down, and raise children.  Those types should not be reading this blog.

This is one of the few periods in human history when men have been able to do this — get laid and have semi-regular relationships with several women at once (who rotate in and out of your life on varying schedules).  And not have to be rich to do it.

This also means that if you have 2 women in your life and one dumps you, you better find another one ASAP.  Like right away.  If you have 3 women and 2 dump you in succession, which does happen sometimes, you need to get out there and find another.  If your “harem” drops to 1 girl, you have to make it your life’s immediate mission to find another one, to the exclusion of all else, until you’ve found one.  Literally.  Unless you don’t mind starting back from square-one, completely alone (which does happen too, though hopefully no more than a couple of times in your life).

So that’s the third rule.  The next rule will address how to reconcile the fact that your needs as a man differ from society’s needs.