Don’t Take Advice from Bitter Men

In my posts on blogs and forums I tend to battle a lot with guys who are giving advice about banging broads but seem to have a tremendous amount of bitterness toward women.

The whole “men’s rights” movement and the “manosphere” and all that nonsense unfortunately permeates dating blogs and forums.  This is fairly recent, maybe the past 4-5 years.  Back in the late 90s and early 2000s, guys would talk about the best ways of getting pussy and the disagreements would arise about that.

But these days it seems that half the “seduction” blogs are about how awful the world is and how “feminism” is destroying western culture, etc. etc. blah blah.  I’m not going to touch on feminism again because I already did and quite frankly it bores me.  I like talking about techniques to bone down on hotter and more women, not about women’s political beliefs or the deluded versions of those beliefs that “men’s rights” guys throw out and then attack.

Instead I’ll discuss those dudes themselves, and hopefully for the last time.  I want to get to the fun stuff about banging women here shortly.

So, here’s my guideline, I won’t call it a rule: Bitter men are not successful with women.

As I posted on one of the forums:

Guys who are making money don’t bitch about the economy; guys who just won their lawsuit don’t bitch about the court system; and guys who are getting laid don’t bitch about women.

The point is, if you’re having success, you aren’t angry at the system in which you are having success.  Winners don’t complain, they bask in their victories.  Losers do complain, because it’s too much for most people to blame themselves for losing so they externalize the blame and foist it on some other entity.

Men who are unsuccessful with women blame women, or they blame “feminism,” or they blame society.

Unfortunately, this means that guys who are posting advice on their blogs or in forums, and are also posting hateful diatribes against women, should be disregarded.  If their advice isn’t working for them — ie., it’s not getting them laid — it’s probably not going to work for you either.

If you follow any advice, make sure it’s from guys who are happy, healthy, and are clearly successful.  Of course anybody on the internet can start a blog and lie about all the hotties he’s pulling from the clubs every week.  Those should be pretty obvious to spot as frauds, because that shit just doesn’t happen — no guy except maybe Warren Beatty or Bon Jovi has pulled chicks with that much ease.

But the other guys, who claim to be banging women yet at the same time have real obvious bitterness toward women, aren’t on the up-and-up either.  How could they be?  If you’re winning with the broads you’re going to think the mating market is fantastic.  And you’re certainly not going to be pissed at women or cynical about the mating system — it’s working for you and you’re having a great time.

So that’s all I want to say about this topic, and I really want to get away from the energy-sucking vampiric nature of these guys.  They aren’t winning in the mating market, they hate themselves and women, and they cast their dark shadows over every forum they visit.  It’s not bad to be losing in the mating market or in life — I was a major loser with women in my mid-20s — but it’s unhealthy to externalize your failure and blame women for it.

No man should be taking advice from bitter men if he wants a healthy, happy, and pussy-filled life.