Game Attitude vs. Game Technique

One of my rules is that “Game is merely the simulation of having women in one’s life.”  By that I’m speaking of Attitudinal Game.

Game is broken down into two aspects, Attitude and Techniques.  Some day you will realize that these are actually the same thing, but that’s fairly advanced, so for now we’ll think of them as two separate things.

So my rule above applies specifically to the Attitude part of game.  Your “Game Attitude” is exactly the same as the attitude of a guy who has many beautiful women in life vying for his attention.  Exactly the same.

But what, then, is the “Technique” branch of game.  Well, those are best typified by stuff like the Mystery Method and Ross Jeffries’ Speed Seduction stuff.  They are knowledge-based tactics that are used to consciously and unconsciously persuade women to do what you want them to do.

Proper “Game Attitude” is mandatory for getting laid consistently, but “Game Techniques” are not, though they can help a great deal.  I think both Speed Seduction and Mystery’s/Style’s stuff work as well, and RSD stuff works, David DeAngelo, even R. Don Steele’s body language and office politics books work.  It all works to some degree, all of the theories help you out in some way even if you don’t follow them exactly.  All of them are about 30% truth and about 70% bullshit.  You can figure out what’s what.  Master it all as far as I’m concerned.  And no I’ve never spent a dime on any of it.

Ross Jeffries’ 1994-97 “Get Laid” newsletters were great for Game Attitude.  They really helped me out at the time.  I wish I knew where to find those again.

And, like I said, at an advanced level your attitude and your techniques are revealed as one sort of giant amalgam of “Alphaness.”  But for now I think it’s best to think of them as two things to work on — how you relate to yourself and how you relate to women.  Attitude and Technique.

Interestingly, due to Rule 2, how you feel about yourself is based largely upon how many women you have in your life.  But isn’t that really the case?  We all like to think that we consider ourselves awesomesauce even when we’re sitting alone dateless for years at a time, but that’s simply not how our minds work.  Have many women in your life and your self-attitude will change.  Read Rules 2 and 3 again.

Now, that brings up the big question.  To get Game Attitude you need to be dating multiple women, but to date multiple women you need to have Game Attitude.  How do you get the women in the first place if you need women to get women?  Rule 4.  Rather, a new and somewhat strange look at Rule 4, which we’ll explore next time.