The Good and Bad of the “Gurus”

As my “About Me” blurb says, I’ve been around the pickup “scene” for a decade and a half.  At least the online scene — I’ve never wanted to get to know or hang out with any other “PUA” nor have I attended any seminar or whatever.  I have read tons of literature, though; pretty much all of it I’ve found online.  I haven’t paid for it nor would I.

Anway, I thought I’d do a quick rundown of the good and the bad of each guru’s shit, according to myself.  YMMV.

Ross Jeffries

The NLP “embedded commands” are pure gold.  I’ve heard a recorded SS 3.0 seminar and it’s shit.  The problem with embedded commands is it’s like counting cards in blackjack.  It’s very powerful but hard to get your mind to focus for extended periods of time.  The few times I’ve used embedded commands they’ve worked, though.  And I’m as skeptical as they come.  Also, if you’re just starting out his “Get Laid” newsletters are great if you can find ’em.

R. Don Steele

His books are worth a read-through.  Once.  “How to Date Young Women” is fine.  “Office Politics” and “Body Language Secrets” are good for a read-through.  I read it when I was 22, preparing for my older years.  His concept of keeping 3 girls in your rotation at all times is a good one.  I wouldn’t go to a seminar.  Real basket-cases go to his seminars.

Ray Gordon

Yup, the psycho of  I actually read his “Outfoxing the Foxes.”  He has one good concept, One and Done.  Quite powerful.  The rest I don’t really remember.

David DeAngelo

“Cocky and Funny” is a rule to live by.  His other stuff is rather obvious and unnecessary, IMHO.


His whole Mystery Method is decent, although it’s geared toward a club scene which I’m never in.  The concept of telling long, winding stories is bullshit, IMHO.  I hate people who monopolize a conversation with stories.  He takes peacocking way too far.  DHV spikes are a good concept.  I’d say get hold of everything you can and listen to it twice.  Lots of good stuff, but scattered throughout his lectures.  The Interview Series is a good one if you can find it.


Same as Mystery’s stuff.  Never read “The Game.”


I hear he’s out of jail 😉  “Make the ho’ say no” is a decent mantra, if you keep it within reason.  Always be closing, right?


Perhaps one of the brightest guys out there, currently.  Listen to as much of him as you can.  It’s not always helpful, but there are nuggets of gold which are rather evenly distributed throughout all his stuff.

RSD in general

Most is a waste of time, there’s about 3 minutes of useful material in an hour presentation.  Maybe listen through once.  One Australian lecturer’s comment has stuck with me to this day, though.  He said that a man shouldn’t be entertaining women, he should be “entertaining himself, 100% of the time.”  Totally true.

The other latest guys I’m really not that familiar with, as you can see my experience lies with the real old buggers.  When I started posting in ASF, there was only Jeffries, Steele and Gordon, and I don’t really keep up with the billion “gurus” who have sprung up in the past few years.  But I will be listening to some of their shit in the coming weeks.

Of the blogs, Roissy/Heartiste’s is the one that I continually come back to, though much of it is shaming older women these days.  Don’t know why.  Roosh V is also a good one.  You should go to each of those blogs and read every single post in both of them, taking the good parts and discarding the political statements and all the other bullshit that isn’t germane to boning chicks.

My theory for learning Pickup is this: Read or listen to everything and let your own experience tell you what to pick out.  Very good stuff is about 30% good, 70% chaff.  Other stuff is lower.  But even if you listen to 6 hours of utter nonsense, the guy might say one thing that’s pure gold.  Don’t follow any “guru” completely and don’t exclude anyone out-of-hand.  The only real things you’ll have to “practice” are the NLP stuff and the rather complex steps in the Mystery Method process.

Otherwise just kick back and enjoy.  And don’t pay a fucking dime.