Rule 2: “Game” is the simulation of having many women

Here’s another rule that may make some people scratch their heads.  I touched on it in a previous post.

What the “seduction community” calls “game” consists of various psychological tactics that can be used to make it more likely that women will bang you.  They are techniques that can be employed when in public and when in private to attract and seduce women.

But in reality, “game” is nothing more than the simulation of having many women in your life.  Specifically, the simulation of having many sexual options available at the current time.

Every game “technique” or “tactic” is automatically and unconsciously employed when a man has multiple women who are interested in him.  Subtle “negs,” non-needy body language, “qualifying” a woman rather than allowing her to do so to you, etc… you do all that stuff without realizing it when you’re already getting as much pussy as you can handle.

Unfortunately the only way to test this rule is to, in fact, have many women.  And, once this has been accomplished, to then observe one’s own behavior.  You will find that when you are satisfied with the amount of pussy you have at your disposal, women will see you and seek you out, or at least make any of your advances much more rewarding for you.

This brings me to my third rule — Date Multiple Women, Always — which I will touch upon in one of my next entries.  And I will frequently come back to this rule so remember it.


Rule 1: Women Attract Women

Before we begin with the Rules, here’s a disclaimer: These Rules are a model of reality.  They are not “truth.”  They are a simplification of the world that I’ve experienced in my life.  I don’t think any rule anywhere ever is universal, and these are no exception.  But, they are accurate distillations of the reality I have perceived.  And I’m a pretty perceptive guy with lots of experience.

Now, on to the Rules!

This is the most fundamental rule of the mating market, as far as men are concerned.

Rule 1: Women Attract Women

This is like the old saying “money makes money.”  It’s true, and it has a tremendous number of important ramifications.  In fact, all of seduction theory rests on this one basic rule.

The main corollary is that, fundamentally, “women are the ONLY THING that attracts women,” or to put it another way, “Without women, you will attract no women, no matter what else you have.”  And the inverse is true, if you have lots of women interested in you, you need nothing else to attract more women to you.

As with money, if you don’t have any, you won’t make any.  Hard work is nothing without tools, which require money.  Even knowing what to work on, and how to do the work, requires education, which requires money.  Money requires prior money to generate it, and only if you have enough money can you make more.  Barring some calamity, the rich always get richer; barring some tremendous stroke of luck, the poor always remain poor.

Same with women.  If you have some, more will follow.  If you have none, you will remain that way.  This is the most fundamental rule that men fail to fully grasp.  If you don’t believe this rule, you will forever be a chump with chicks.

Women attract women.  This leads to Rule 2, which I will touch on here but discuss in detail later.

You’ve heard of “game,” which is men’s attempts to use psychology and behavior to attract and seduce women.

Game is merely the simulation of having many women in your life.  Men who have many women in their lives… don’t need game!  Or to put it a different way: they already have it, without trying.  Or to put it another way: men don’t need to simulate what they actually have.

Look at it this way, your “game” behavior — acting cool, not putting women on a pedestal, not chasing, acting like a ‘jerk’ — all those modes of behavior are how you would naturally act if there were many women who were interested in you.

This fundamental axiom, that women attract women and are, in fact, the only thing that attracts women, is something that will underpin all of the theories of this blog.  And it’s been borne out again and again in my own experiences.

Now, there is one situation that some men will point to to show that this theory is false, so I will address it now even though it’s somewhat advanced.  That’s when a woman finds out that you have lots of other women in your life and dumps you because she feels threatened.

This does happen.  But it does not violate the Rule.  The Rule is: Women Attract Women.  Just because a woman dumps you doesn’t mean she’s not attracted to you.  Women who dump men for having “too many” women do not dump them out of a lack of attraction, they dump them out of a fear that they cannot compete with so many other women.  It’s fear, not lack of attraction, which causes the dump.

So I’m not saying that you should advertise that 10,000 women are on your jock, or you will literally scare away many women.  You have to play it down a middle path, and calibrate it for each woman you want to seduce.  We’ll go into this much more later.

My early dating history & the seduction community: Part 3/3

In early 2003, one of these internet women became a girlfriend whom I still (sort of) have today.  Having a girlfriend, however, did not stop me from dating.  I’d spent my mid-20s completely unable to get a date, and I did not want to be in that position again.

I realized quickly that it was much better to have 2, 3, 4 women in one’s life than just one.  At all times.  Forever.  I still have this view today.

So from 2003 to the present day I’ve dated dozens of women.  Several dozen.  Most of these have been one-date forgettables, some have turned into short-term relationships, and a handful have turned into long-term relationships.  All of these relationships, since 2003, have overlapped.  I’ve had one 8+ year relationship, a 4-year relationship, a 3-year relationship, a one-year relationship, and several 3-6 month relationships all overlap within that 9-year time-frame.  And I’ve had more than a few one-night stands and extremely short-term relationships take place in that time as well.

Now the next question you would have is: do these women know about this?  And the answer is, no they don’t.  Except the time one Long Term Relationship (LTR) found out about another LTR.  And all hell broke loose.  But that’s a story for another day.

So yes, I do lie to women.  All the damn time.  But as we’ll see in another post, I believe they expect this.  And there are much worse things a man can do to women than to lie to them about banging other women.

And so to this day I maintain my pace.  I try to have a couple of LTRs (MLTRs as people in community call them) going at once, often with a STR thrown in, and working on one-night lays all the while.

I hope to continue to do this until the day I die.  I am convinced that a man needs more than one woman in his life at all times, and this blog will reflect that value throughout its pages.

I also maintain my pace in contributing to the “seduction community” as much as possible. is no more, but I’ve posted on since 2001, I’ve posted on since a couple of years ago, I was banned from, I’ve posted on since recently, and I comment on seduction blogs. I’m familiar with all the major players of the “seduction” world, old and new, crazy and crazier: Ross Jeffries, R. Don Steele, Ray Gordon, Mystery, David DeAngelo, Gunwitch, MrSex4uNYC, and most recently the RSD guys.

It hasn’t always been this way.  At some points in my life I’ve gone for years without posting about seduction.  It’s a hobby that interests me sometimes and wanes at other times.

I haven’t spent much money on seduction materials, though I’ve gleaned a lot from the guys I mentioned.  In fact, I remember when Mystery came onto the internet scene.  He would stuff a tape recorder down his pants and then go out and try to pick up women in the street, then he’d post those recordings online.  It was funny as hell.

So you can see I’ve been around far, far longer than almost everybody.  In that time, I’ve posted under a variety of names, and recently deleted most archived posts from ASF.  To maintain my privacy of course.  I’m not interested in being “known” and my posts have been made under so many different usernames at so many different times that there’s no way they could be pieced together.  But they’re out there, thousands of them.  And now my plan is to condense most of those thoughts into this blog.

My early dating history & the seduction community: Part 2/3

Here’s a little more about my dating past, which isn’t the most interesting but I think is necessary to set a background.

Even with the minor success using Speed Seduction techniques, I was too lazy to incorporate them into my standard conversations.  It takes a great deal of mental focus, and as I said before I’m just too lazy to do that for any extended length of time.

My senior year in college was a decent time with women, but at no time was I much of a “player.”  This was the late ’90s, and I was at a really nerdy college.  If young people were having tons of sex, like we’re meant to believe, they weren’t doing it anywhere around me.

So after I got out of college I didn’t have much luck with women at all.  I don’t think many guys do, quite frankly.  You’ve gone from being a big fish in a small pond to being a youthful nobody in a huge pond.  From the age of 23 to about 26 I couldn’t get a date to save my life.  I had an ok job, I frequented bars and coffee shops, etc., (no clubs really).  But the women just did not like me, did not want me at all.

Then in late 2002 I started internet dating and this opened up a whole new world.  It was free, and the women were (mostly) single, and there were just so many of them.  Within three months of starting internet dating, I’d slept with more women than I had in my entire 26 years prior.  Were they stunning hotties?  Of course not, they were quite average, some below-average.  But I was having a great time.

(Concluded in next post)

My early dating history & the seduction community: Part 1/3

My dating history and my experiences in the “seduction community” go hand-in-hand.

I had my first real girlfriend when I was 16.  We had known each other since we were about 8.  We dated a few times but she was, unbeknownst to me, dating a guy in his 30s at the same time!  Yep.  So nothing much happened between her and myself — just some makeouts in the car — but it was a coming-of-age sort of thing for me.

The next girlfriend I had was a year later.  We were at some geeky party and she was for some reason interested in me and struck up a conversation.  I was in a pissy mood and blew her off rudely.  This of course inflamed her desire for me.  I soon wised up and asked her out.  Lost my virginity to her at 18.  She was more likely more experienced than I, but I’ll never know for sure.  We dated for 3 years.

We broke up in college, right around the time I started reading a site called Speed Seduction ( by Ross Jeffries.  I also started reading, and posting in, a USENET forum called  I was 20 at the time.  This was back in the mid/late-1990s.

I studied how to invoke “embedded commands,” “weasel words,” stuff like that.  And I’ll say they do work.  They do work.  I remember trying some out on my little 3-year girlfriend in college before we broke up.  At first she said, “You sound like a salesman.”  But after a few times her eyes got all wide and loving and she said, “You know just what to say!”

It also worked on the next chick I started dating, a girl 5 years older who was dating one of my friends.  I sort of stole her off of him, and made an enemy in the process.

(Continued in next post)

About Me

Now I will tell you about me, so that you can have some idea of my background and how it affects my experiences and thoughts.

I’m a straight male in my mid-30s and live in a major city in Southern California.  I grew up in SoCal, though in a different area than where I reside now.  And I will probably live my entire life here, because I generally like it.

I work for myself in a white-collar professional position, but at the time of this writing I’m definitely not wealthy.  Far from it.  Despite the fact that I grew up in a relatively well-off household, I’ve never worked very hard and have never really had much money.  In fact, my family still helps me out with some of my expenses.  I was smart enough to get through college and grad-school with ease (and with merit-based scholarships), but was always too lazy to achieve “good grades” or any special honors.

You could sum me up with, “Really smart; really lazy.”

Physically, I’m somewhat short and quite thin.  This has been a burden that I’ve dealt with my entire life.  We all know the role stature plays in the mating market, and this has been a big hurdle for me.  To this day I think it limits the attractiveness of women that are available to me.

One thing going for me is that I have a somewhat handsome face and youthful appearance.  And I have a rather large shlong, which is something I’m proud of.  So my body would likely be considered a “4” but my face might be an “8,” giving me an overall physical score of “6.”  I think this is a fair assessment of my physical attributes.

About this blog

So after years of posting online I’ve decided to write my shit down in my own blog.  I’ve done this because I’ve found that most people posting about their experiences dating really have no experience dating, have had bad experiences dating, or haven’t learned anything from their experiences dating.

Dating blogs by men tend to fit into the following categories, or a combination thereof:

  1. The young guy who has no real experience dating but spouts lots of theories.
  2. The bitter guy who has an axe to grind with women.
  3. The guy who vents his rage against modern society by focusing on the dating world.

This blog will be none of those.

I will post the truth here, though I may change certain unimportant details like locations, descriptions of people, ages, dates and time… stuff like that.  To maintain privacy.

I do not have any idea how often I’ll update this blog.  Sometimes it may be every day, sometimes it may be months between posts.  You may wish to receive an email update when the blog is updated; currently you can do so by clicking the “Follow” button at the bottom right of your screen.

Also, I will frequently change the “name” under which I post.  I do this because I’m not interested in being “known” as any particular person or have any sort of label attached to myself.  What interests me are ideas, not people.

You’ll notice that readers cannot comment on my posts.  This is because from what I’ve seen, the vast majority of people don’t know shit, no offense.  They know even less about dating and sociology.  And they know essentially zero about women, and that includes women.  In general, blog comments are an intellectual wasteland and I’m not interested in maintaining them here.  So this is where folks can read about my experiences and my thoughts; if they have their own, they can start their own blog.

I realize that preventing people from commenting will dramatically decrease the readership of this blog.  Fine by me, I’m mostly writing this for myself anyway.  Please note that I also will probably not respond to email or contacts from readers.  As I said, this is mostly a blog from myself to myself, it’s not a two-way discussion.  If you want to eavesdrop on my personal thoughts, make yourself at home.