Clarifying my stance toward feminism

So I was re-reading a previous post of mine and various blog comments I’ve made and didn’t want people to think that I thought everything about “feminism” is good.  I put that word in quotes because most men who write about feminism have no idea what its central tenets are.  I’m not going to explain them here.

As I said before, feminism is overall great for men such as myself, who want to bang lots of chicks quickly, easily and inexpensively.  I don’t have to plan all our dates, do all the paying, pretend I’m interested in marriage, or anything like that.  Women are looking to me for hot sex and my winning personality, not so that I can pay their bills.  Why? Because they can pay their own bills.

Of course all things have their downsides.  I can think of two things that real feminists believe that I’m against, and I’m sure there are more.

First, some feminists have been for the ban of “extreme” pornography, where the woman is “degraded” or whatever.  I disagree and say that if a woman wants to do those things in front of a camera and she’s not being forced to, then she should be able to.  Banning stuff makes it more desirable anyway, and I think those feminists’ line of reasoning is bullshit.  I’m not into extreme porn myself, I like fairly vanilla stuff personally, but if some guys (and girls) are into it I don’t give a rat’s ass.

Also I recently read that some feminists wanted the police to publicly release the names of all alleged sex offenders before they had even been convicted of a crime.  That is a very dangerous practice.  Any woman can allege anything any time, and making the police release the names of men who had been merely accused of sexual violence would be outrageous.  Look at the Duke Lacrosse team.  Shitty idea.

Fortunately both of these stances are on the extreme side and won’t be put into practice.

There are probably other retarded feminist positions I would be against if I knew them.  The reason I disagree with the Men’s Rights lamers is primarily because they don’t even understand what real feminists believe.  They think feminists are against male birth control and want all men to pay alimony forever and other stupid and simply wrong assumptions. They also seem to want to return to a traditional “courtship” era where men bring home the bacon and virtuous women stay at home and clean.  This is not only highly unlikely but would make my easy-pussy lifestyle essentially impossible.

Most men’s rights ‘tards have a deep-seated beta within them longing for “one good woman” they can boss around like their grandpas did.  News flash: there ain’t one good woman, there are a million fuckable ones.  I’d rather have the latter.

I’m not against Men’s Rights and for Feminism, or vice versa.  I’m simply against uninformed, ignorant blathering and whiny beta-boys.  And I’m in favor of quick, easy pussy.

Men who need foreign women are 1) losers or 2) control freaks

Oh, not more idiocy on the dating forums.  Yes, it’s the “American women are so terrible — foreign women are fantastic!” meme that’s making the rounds, as it does every few years.

Here’s my answer: if you have to date foreign women to get what you want, you’re a freak and should seek counseling.

And here’s why.

Most Westernized women are all pretty much the same.  Due to mass communication and media, they watch the same TV shows, they read the same books (or translations of them), they swoon over the same movie stars, they read the same news, they use the same web sites, they use the same phones, their friends act the same, etc. etc. etc.  They’ve all been socialized in pretty much the same way.

So to say that somehow non-American women are different is just silly.  Western women around the world are all pretty much the same.  This has been shown to me, time and again, when I’ve dated Brazilians, French girls, Australians, South Africans, Scottish girls, Israeli girls, Canadians, Mexicans, Russians, you name it.  Also, I’ve traveled to London and Dublin and have dated women there — not just Brits and Irish but Polish girls, Australian girls, etc.

They’re all the same.  Some are nice, some are bitches, some are cute, some are ugly, some are smart, some are dumb.  They’re all different, and in their differences they’re all the same.

However, there are some women out there from more traditional (mostly Asian, some Eastern European) countries who do act differently.  They’ve been socialized a little differently, and indeed some of them are more outwardly subservient than Westernized chicks.  They have just the same agenda as all other women — they want to snag a guy who is attractive and rich.  And once he’s hooked, their hooks come out.  They just act more demure as they go about doing it.

Internet dudes LOOOOVE these chicks?  Why?  Let’s connect the dots.

Remember my previous post stating that if a guy is successful, he doesn’t disparage the system in which he is successful?  If a guy is successfully banging chicks from his own country, he doesn’t disparage them.  Why would he?  He’s being rewarded by interacting with them.

So if a guy is disparaging the women around him, he’s not getting laid.  Simple as that.  By any of ’em, or by very few.  This means he’s got no game.  That means he may need to go a country where is status is automatically higher just because he’s from a foreign land.  It’s a shortcut to actually becoming a winner.  If you’re a loser, go to where the other men are even bigger losers.

There is one other type of man who feels he has to go outside his own culture to find more demure women, even if he’s currently banging them at home.  This guy is even worse than the previous guy.  He’s a controlling psychopath, to put it bluntly.  If you need women in your life who act demure and put on a show of your awesomeness even though you’re just an average shmuck (which you are, let’s face it), you have a tiny, fragile ego.  Tiny, fragile egos are the hallmarks of the megalomaniacal psychopath.  He feels so shitty and small about his life that he needs some woman to show him that — at least in her eyes — he is powerful.

That’s really the only explanation I can come up with, because I don’t share their views.  Women are pretty much the same wherever I have found them.  If you have to travel long distances to meet “good ones,” chances are that it’s you who is the problem, not the women.


To clarify, the above post doesn’t apply to guys who enjoy traveling and enjoy banging broads around the world.  They’re normal dudes who like variety.  That’s not the kind of guy I’m talking about.  I’m talking about the man who hates American women and luuuuves foreign women.  If you want to travel to bang chicks, that’s great.  If you have to travel to bang chicks, that’s bad.

Don’t hit on women who are paid to be nice to you

I should make this one a rule because it seems that every guy under the age of 25 fails to understand this important concept, until it’s proven right and they feel like fools:

Bartenders, waitresses, strippers, hostesses, clerks, tellers, receptionists, etc. etc. etc. are all off limits to you while they’re working.

In other words, don’t hit on the help.  Ever.

Why?  Because they’re not interested in dating customers, and nothing you say or do will change that fact.  And it makes you look like a pathetic shmuck to boot.

No, just because the cute bartender gave you a free drink, it doesn’t mean she wants to fuck you.  Just because the stripper gave you a hand job in the VIP room, it’s not because she thinks you’re “special.”  Just because the hot bank clerk waived the fee for your cashier’s check doesn’t mean she wants to sit on your cock.

These women are at work, and part of their job is to make customers feel special.  They see you as one of two things, a walking wallet or a potential trouble source.  That is, they are being nice to you because they want a big tip, or because they don’t want to be hassled by their boss for poor customer service.

They don’t really like you, they don’t really have any interest in you at all.  They want to make their money, have the most drama-free day at work they possibly can, and go home and relax.  They don’t want to date you, they don’t want to fuck you, they don’t want to be your friend.

This especially goes for strippers and bartenders and waitresses.  These women are hit on 5000 times a day by guys who are way cuter, way richer, and way more interesting than you.  They say no to all of them.  They like the attention, and they love the money.  Then they go home to their lazy boyfriend and nag him until he gets pissed off and leaves to go out with his buddies.  That is their life.  You are not a part of it and never will be.  When your wallet walks out the door, you disappear from their minds.  You are not special, you are not memorable.  Sorry.

So please, just conduct whatever business you have to with them, and then leave them alone.  By hitting on the help, you make yourself, and men in general, look utterly pathetic. It’s like you don’t understand the fundamental rules of the world.  Chicks don’t bone customers, unless they’re whores.  There is an invisible line between server and customer.  Once you are a customer, you don’t get to cross that line.  Didn’t they teach you this in school?

And furthermore, are you really that sad that the only chicks you’re able to talk to without shitting yourself are the ones who are PAID to stand there with a smile on their face?  How pathetic is that?  You make all guys look clueless, and taking the lazy route of hitting on the help stifles your game progress.  It’s like whacking off to porn rather than going out and boning chicks.  Just as porno girls are paid to screw, serving girls are paid to flirt.  Relying on either for your psychological well-being is dangerous.

So please, act like you understand how the world works and leave these broads alone.  They want to get their shit done, get paid, and go home just like the rest of us.  Please don’t be one of those douchebags who fails to understand this.

Women are clients, not employers

I’m relatively lucky in one specific way, as far as my job goes: I work for myself.  This means that I have clients, not an employer.

The difference is that if you have one employer, your entire livelihood depends upon that one entity.  Whereas if you have clients, you have several — sometimes many — shifting entities in your life upon whom you rely for money.

Same goes with women.  If you have one woman in your life, you are entirely dependent on her for all your female needs — sex, love, cuddling, affection, all the things for which you want a woman in your life in the first place.

Whereas if you “Date Multiple Women, Always,” you have a slowly revolving set of women in your life who serve your needs.  When you lose one, it can be sad, but it’s not the end of everything.  Just as if you lose a business client, you may have to hustle to replace him or her, but you’re probably not going to starve since you have other clients.  Whereas if you’re fired by your one employer, you’re screwed unless you can land a new job right away.  It’s a mad, horrible scramble where you have absolutely no income between those employers.  And it can last a whole lot longer than you ever imagined.

For me, it’s liberating being able to tell my clients to fuck off if they annoy me.  I’ve worked for employers before, and it’s an unpleasant experience.  I generally suck as an employee and I’ve been fired over and over again for speaking my mind or for doing my own thing at work.

This is why I suggest that you Date Multiple Women, Always.  It turns them from an “employer” into “clients” whom you respect but whom you can live without if they become overly demanding or bitchy, or if they won’t put out on a schedule that works for you.  It means that no one woman can monopolize your ability to get sex or love or whatever you may want from the female gender.

The downside to treating women as clients is that you are constantly having to hustle and “prospect” for more.  If you’re an employee, generally you don’t have to go out and find new clients, the bosses (or other specialized salespeople) do that.  You have your specific job and you do it; you don’t have to worry about every little thing.  Whereas part of my job is going out, advertising, and getting more clients for my business.  Part of my workday is set aside for that specific reason, and if I stop then my clients dry up and I begin to starve.

This is exactly what you have to do when you treat women as clients rather than employers.  It is the downside.  You have to set out part of your dating life to not only go out with your current women but to find more women to “sign up” as your clients.  You’re constantly hustling at some level.  Always, your whole life.

Another downside is that eventually every client/woman will leave you.  Sooner or later.  There is generally no “till death do us part” client.  That’s a downside if you’re looking for “forever.”  I’m not, so it’s no big deal to me.  The one person who stays in my life forever is me, all other people will rotate in and rotate out at varying speeds.  As Billy Joel sang, “Life is a series of hellos and goodbyes,” and that’s manifested in spades when it comes to the dating world.  Yes it’s painful, but that’s just how it is.

On the whole, though, treating women like clients is great if you have the mindset to do it.  I suggest every man at least try it once in his life for a few years.

Rule 4a: You Must Lie to Women, the Remix

If you haven’t read Rule 4 yet, please do so, I’ll wait.

Ok, got it?  Now, here’s the thing, and this is where stuff starts getting somewhat advanced.  You might think that Rule 4 states that you always have to make women believe that you aren’t screwing other women.  That the “Lie” consists of preventing them from consciously realizing that you’re boning other chicks.

Not so fast.  Rule 4 is true, you must lie to women.  But preventing them from consciously knowing that you are boning other broads is only one of the lies you must tell them.  The other half of that specific lie is making them think that, yes, you are boning women.

Whaaaaat?  You have to make them believe that you aren’t boning other chicks AND that you are boning other chicks?

Yes.  Exactly.

You need to keep women in kind of a limbo.  A perpetual limbo.  Like balancing a stick on the palm of your hand.  For you to keep a woman for as long as you want her, part of her has to suspect that you are boning other broads, and part of her has to believe that you aren’t boning other broads.  If she ever finds out for sure you ARE boning other broads, her socialized neocortex will take over and dump you.  If she ever finds out for sure you are NOT boning other broads, her hindbrain will find you so unattractive that she will find a way to either cheat on you or dump you.

So this means that you have to tailor your lie to your situation.  If you are not currently boning any other broads, you have to give her hints that you are, without saying it outright.  This usually involves swinging back and forth from affection to indifference, from openness to secrecy, etc.  Mentioning other women you’ve dated, having mysterious hot chicks post things on your Facebook wall.

Example: Telling her she’s the only girl you’ve ever really loved, and then answering a text message on the sly and pretending to hide it from her.  You’re pulling her in two different directions.  On one hand it’s plausible that you love only her (which she would secretly hate) and at the same time it’s plausible that you’re screwing some other women who are at least as hot as she is (which she would be turned on by but would be forced to dump you over if she found out for sure.)

Here is what you want to instill in women: confusion.  Ideally, if her friend asks her candidly whether she thinks you’re “cheating” on her, she should think long and hard and respond, “I… I don’t THINK he is.”  If your woman can state for a fact and with full confidence that you are not boning other women, her attraction for you is already gone.  If she can state for a fact that you ARE boning other women, then her socialization will not let her stay with you.

Of course if you are boning other chicks, which you should be, you should hide 95% of it.  And the things you let her see should be calculated.  For example, walking in with a strand of long blonde hair on your shoulder which she will find.  You can easily say “Oh the wind must have blown that onto me.”  Walking in with a whiff of perfume on you.  Calls from someone very late at night.  All these can be explained away, but at the same time she’s thinking, “I wonder… I wonder…”

Keep her in limbo, always.  Use Rule 4 to keep her teetering on the edge at all times.  Lie one way, lie another way, move her back and forth, keep her guessing.  Reality should have very little bearing on the meaningful stuff that you tell her.  The stuff you tell her that’s real is just throwaway.  It’s work, yes, but it’s interesting and it will get you what you want.