Rule 4a: You Must Lie to Women, the Remix

If you haven’t read Rule 4 yet, please do so, I’ll wait.

Ok, got it?  Now, here’s the thing, and this is where stuff starts getting somewhat advanced.  You might think that Rule 4 states that you always have to make women believe that you aren’t screwing other women.  That the “Lie” consists of preventing them from consciously realizing that you’re boning other chicks.

Not so fast.  Rule 4 is true, you must lie to women.  But preventing them from consciously knowing that you are boning other broads is only one of the lies you must tell them.  The other half of that specific lie is making them think that, yes, you are boning women.

Whaaaaat?  You have to make them believe that you aren’t boning other chicks AND that you are boning other chicks?

Yes.  Exactly.

You need to keep women in kind of a limbo.  A perpetual limbo.  Like balancing a stick on the palm of your hand.  For you to keep a woman for as long as you want her, part of her has to suspect that you are boning other broads, and part of her has to believe that you aren’t boning other broads.  If she ever finds out for sure you ARE boning other broads, her socialized neocortex will take over and dump you.  If she ever finds out for sure you are NOT boning other broads, her hindbrain will find you so unattractive that she will find a way to either cheat on you or dump you.

So this means that you have to tailor your lie to your situation.  If you are not currently boning any other broads, you have to give her hints that you are, without saying it outright.  This usually involves swinging back and forth from affection to indifference, from openness to secrecy, etc.  Mentioning other women you’ve dated, having mysterious hot chicks post things on your Facebook wall.

Example: Telling her she’s the only girl you’ve ever really loved, and then answering a text message on the sly and pretending to hide it from her.  You’re pulling her in two different directions.  On one hand it’s plausible that you love only her (which she would secretly hate) and at the same time it’s plausible that you’re screwing some other women who are at least as hot as she is (which she would be turned on by but would be forced to dump you over if she found out for sure.)

Here is what you want to instill in women: confusion.  Ideally, if her friend asks her candidly whether she thinks you’re “cheating” on her, she should think long and hard and respond, “I… I don’t THINK he is.”  If your woman can state for a fact and with full confidence that you are not boning other women, her attraction for you is already gone.  If she can state for a fact that you ARE boning other women, then her socialization will not let her stay with you.

Of course if you are boning other chicks, which you should be, you should hide 95% of it.  And the things you let her see should be calculated.  For example, walking in with a strand of long blonde hair on your shoulder which she will find.  You can easily say “Oh the wind must have blown that onto me.”  Walking in with a whiff of perfume on you.  Calls from someone very late at night.  All these can be explained away, but at the same time she’s thinking, “I wonder… I wonder…”

Keep her in limbo, always.  Use Rule 4 to keep her teetering on the edge at all times.  Lie one way, lie another way, move her back and forth, keep her guessing.  Reality should have very little bearing on the meaningful stuff that you tell her.  The stuff you tell her that’s real is just throwaway.  It’s work, yes, but it’s interesting and it will get you what you want.