Don’t hit on women who are paid to be nice to you

I should make this one a rule because it seems that every guy under the age of 25 fails to understand this important concept, until it’s proven right and they feel like fools:

Bartenders, waitresses, strippers, hostesses, clerks, tellers, receptionists, etc. etc. etc. are all off limits to you while they’re working.

In other words, don’t hit on the help.  Ever.

Why?  Because they’re not interested in dating customers, and nothing you say or do will change that fact.  And it makes you look like a pathetic shmuck to boot.

No, just because the cute bartender gave you a free drink, it doesn’t mean she wants to fuck you.  Just because the stripper gave you a hand job in the VIP room, it’s not because she thinks you’re “special.”  Just because the hot bank clerk waived the fee for your cashier’s check doesn’t mean she wants to sit on your cock.

These women are at work, and part of their job is to make customers feel special.  They see you as one of two things, a walking wallet or a potential trouble source.  That is, they are being nice to you because they want a big tip, or because they don’t want to be hassled by their boss for poor customer service.

They don’t really like you, they don’t really have any interest in you at all.  They want to make their money, have the most drama-free day at work they possibly can, and go home and relax.  They don’t want to date you, they don’t want to fuck you, they don’t want to be your friend.

This especially goes for strippers and bartenders and waitresses.  These women are hit on 5000 times a day by guys who are way cuter, way richer, and way more interesting than you.  They say no to all of them.  They like the attention, and they love the money.  Then they go home to their lazy boyfriend and nag him until he gets pissed off and leaves to go out with his buddies.  That is their life.  You are not a part of it and never will be.  When your wallet walks out the door, you disappear from their minds.  You are not special, you are not memorable.  Sorry.

So please, just conduct whatever business you have to with them, and then leave them alone.  By hitting on the help, you make yourself, and men in general, look utterly pathetic. It’s like you don’t understand the fundamental rules of the world.  Chicks don’t bone customers, unless they’re whores.  There is an invisible line between server and customer.  Once you are a customer, you don’t get to cross that line.  Didn’t they teach you this in school?

And furthermore, are you really that sad that the only chicks you’re able to talk to without shitting yourself are the ones who are PAID to stand there with a smile on their face?  How pathetic is that?  You make all guys look clueless, and taking the lazy route of hitting on the help stifles your game progress.  It’s like whacking off to porn rather than going out and boning chicks.  Just as porno girls are paid to screw, serving girls are paid to flirt.  Relying on either for your psychological well-being is dangerous.

So please, act like you understand how the world works and leave these broads alone.  They want to get their shit done, get paid, and go home just like the rest of us.  Please don’t be one of those douchebags who fails to understand this.