Men who need foreign women are 1) losers or 2) control freaks

Oh, not more idiocy on the dating forums.  Yes, it’s the “American women are so terrible — foreign women are fantastic!” meme that’s making the rounds, as it does every few years.

Here’s my answer: if you have to date foreign women to get what you want, you’re a freak and should seek counseling.

And here’s why.

Most Westernized women are all pretty much the same.  Due to mass communication and media, they watch the same TV shows, they read the same books (or translations of them), they swoon over the same movie stars, they read the same news, they use the same web sites, they use the same phones, their friends act the same, etc. etc. etc.  They’ve all been socialized in pretty much the same way.

So to say that somehow non-American women are different is just silly.  Western women around the world are all pretty much the same.  This has been shown to me, time and again, when I’ve dated Brazilians, French girls, Australians, South Africans, Scottish girls, Israeli girls, Canadians, Mexicans, Russians, you name it.  Also, I’ve traveled to London and Dublin and have dated women there — not just Brits and Irish but Polish girls, Australian girls, etc.

They’re all the same.  Some are nice, some are bitches, some are cute, some are ugly, some are smart, some are dumb.  They’re all different, and in their differences they’re all the same.

However, there are some women out there from more traditional (mostly Asian, some Eastern European) countries who do act differently.  They’ve been socialized a little differently, and indeed some of them are more outwardly subservient than Westernized chicks.  They have just the same agenda as all other women — they want to snag a guy who is attractive and rich.  And once he’s hooked, their hooks come out.  They just act more demure as they go about doing it.

Internet dudes LOOOOVE these chicks?  Why?  Let’s connect the dots.

Remember my previous post stating that if a guy is successful, he doesn’t disparage the system in which he is successful?  If a guy is successfully banging chicks from his own country, he doesn’t disparage them.  Why would he?  He’s being rewarded by interacting with them.

So if a guy is disparaging the women around him, he’s not getting laid.  Simple as that.  By any of ’em, or by very few.  This means he’s got no game.  That means he may need to go a country where is status is automatically higher just because he’s from a foreign land.  It’s a shortcut to actually becoming a winner.  If you’re a loser, go to where the other men are even bigger losers.

There is one other type of man who feels he has to go outside his own culture to find more demure women, even if he’s currently banging them at home.  This guy is even worse than the previous guy.  He’s a controlling psychopath, to put it bluntly.  If you need women in your life who act demure and put on a show of your awesomeness even though you’re just an average shmuck (which you are, let’s face it), you have a tiny, fragile ego.  Tiny, fragile egos are the hallmarks of the megalomaniacal psychopath.  He feels so shitty and small about his life that he needs some woman to show him that — at least in her eyes — he is powerful.

That’s really the only explanation I can come up with, because I don’t share their views.  Women are pretty much the same wherever I have found them.  If you have to travel long distances to meet “good ones,” chances are that it’s you who is the problem, not the women.


To clarify, the above post doesn’t apply to guys who enjoy traveling and enjoy banging broads around the world.  They’re normal dudes who like variety.  That’s not the kind of guy I’m talking about.  I’m talking about the man who hates American women and luuuuves foreign women.  If you want to travel to bang chicks, that’s great.  If you have to travel to bang chicks, that’s bad.