Clarifying my stance toward feminism

So I was re-reading a previous post of mine and various blog comments I’ve made and didn’t want people to think that I thought everything about “feminism” is good.  I put that word in quotes because most men who write about feminism have no idea what its central tenets are.  I’m not going to explain them here.

As I said before, feminism is overall great for men such as myself, who want to bang lots of chicks quickly, easily and inexpensively.  I don’t have to plan all our dates, do all the paying, pretend I’m interested in marriage, or anything like that.  Women are looking to me for hot sex and my winning personality, not so that I can pay their bills.  Why? Because they can pay their own bills.

Of course all things have their downsides.  I can think of two things that real feminists believe that I’m against, and I’m sure there are more.

First, some feminists have been for the ban of “extreme” pornography, where the woman is “degraded” or whatever.  I disagree and say that if a woman wants to do those things in front of a camera and she’s not being forced to, then she should be able to.  Banning stuff makes it more desirable anyway, and I think those feminists’ line of reasoning is bullshit.  I’m not into extreme porn myself, I like fairly vanilla stuff personally, but if some guys (and girls) are into it I don’t give a rat’s ass.

Also I recently read that some feminists wanted the police to publicly release the names of all alleged sex offenders before they had even been convicted of a crime.  That is a very dangerous practice.  Any woman can allege anything any time, and making the police release the names of men who had been merely accused of sexual violence would be outrageous.  Look at the Duke Lacrosse team.  Shitty idea.

Fortunately both of these stances are on the extreme side and won’t be put into practice.

There are probably other retarded feminist positions I would be against if I knew them.  The reason I disagree with the Men’s Rights lamers is primarily because they don’t even understand what real feminists believe.  They think feminists are against male birth control and want all men to pay alimony forever and other stupid and simply wrong assumptions. They also seem to want to return to a traditional “courtship” era where men bring home the bacon and virtuous women stay at home and clean.  This is not only highly unlikely but would make my easy-pussy lifestyle essentially impossible.

Most men’s rights ‘tards have a deep-seated beta within them longing for “one good woman” they can boss around like their grandpas did.  News flash: there ain’t one good woman, there are a million fuckable ones.  I’d rather have the latter.

I’m not against Men’s Rights and for Feminism, or vice versa.  I’m simply against uninformed, ignorant blathering and whiny beta-boys.  And I’m in favor of quick, easy pussy.