Roissy/Heartiste’s fascination with the end of the world

So it seems that pretty much every post that’s been up on Roissy’s-slash-Heartiste’s blog the past couple of years has been about the “end of days.”  Yes it’s couched in sociology and so-forth, but it’s definitely there.  I’m talking about his oddly self-righteous lamentations about how culture today is going down the drain because betas can’t get laid.

In his/their current installment, he/it/they/whatever writes about some blogger who posts silly shit written by his “wigger” relative, named Bennett.  Bennett writes texts with standard Swingers/Tao-of-Steve advice for banging chicks, like don’t be a pussy, don’t be too sensitive, don’t be too eager, etc.

Then of course Roissy/Heartiste slants it to his bizarre Chicken Little scare-tactic and says:

“A culture teeming with shameless Bennetts and dotted with islands of antagonistic SWPLs and tribalistic snarkers is a doomed culture, too far gone to resuscitate. Stick a fork in it, it’s done.”

As if the concept of women mating with unsophisticated bad-boys and leaving respectable nice guys dry is a new one and one which somehow suggests that the “culture” is “doomed.”   This blogger obviously doesn’t know his history.

As an aside, I would strongly, strongly suggest that everybody start studying history, like right now.  Listen to podcasts, read shit, watch History Channel shows, etc.  You need to know this stuff or you won’t understand how mankind has changed not one iota since the dawn of time.  And if you aren’t able to understand that, and you don’t know how your own actions fit into this eternal unchanging, you won’t be able to predict the future.  And if you aren’t able to predict the future, you won’t be able to position yourself to best benefit from mankind’s ceaseless shenanigans, and you will be just another one of the billions of people who are surprised by the world’s daily occurrences and always find themselves at the tail-end of humanity’s OODA loop.

Ok, anyway, all Chateau Heartiste would have had to do would be read some things from, say, before 1990.  He could have read about the ancient Roman gladiators who were about as brutal and uneducated as anyone in human history but who pulled aristocratic pussy like flies to shit; more recently he could read Lady Chatterley’s Lover or Gone with the Wind which display high-class broads falling for low-class guys and antagonistic assholes, respectively.

Intellectual beta herbs have never pulled tail, and that’s why they’ve traveled the world, not only to pursue their intellectual curiosity but also to pursue native pussy, the likes of which they could never get at home because those women were too busy fucking the 17th century’s version of Outlaw Biker Guy.

If our culture is in a decline, it’s been declining for the past million years or so.

Come on guys, wise up, read your history.  Every generation thinks (and secretly hopes) it’s the last.  It never is.  Human nature goes on, unceasing, unchanging.  Don’t make the mistake of thinking you’re — we’re — special.

EDIT: If you want a good place to start learning about history, search for Dan Carlin’s “Hardcore History” podcast on iTunes.  It’s fantastic.