Pass the Pussy Forward

Generally, women help each other get what they want from men.  Sure, they cockblock each other plenty, but by and large women are far more cohesive at increasing the price of pussy worldwide than men are at bringing it down.

In fact, you’ll frequently see this referred to online as a “cartel,” which is a decent description.  Sluts are shamed, prostitution is criminalized, and many women command super high prices just for spreading their legs.  Up to and including marriage (and windfalls in divorce).  Women win by increasing the price of pussy, and they historically have banded together to do so.

Men have historically been too involved in outdoing one another to help each other lower pussy’s price.  But this must be stopped.  It’s time to Pass the Pussy Forward.

Your first goal as a man is to get laid.  But your second goal — and a very close second it is — is to make it easier for other men to get laid.  This means that if you fail to bang a chick, you should always do what you can to make it easier for the next guy to bang her.  You must lower her market value in her eyes and/or you must empower her to embrace her sexuality and screw more men, quicker.

I call this “Passing the Pussy Forward.”  The more that men do it, the easier it will be for all of us to get laid quickly, easily, and inexpensively.

This happened to me when I was in college and dating a chick who was my age and had only slept with one other guy before me.  I was in her bed one morning after a night of snuggling, no sex.  This was before I had much game.  Her phone rang and I instinctively rolled over and answered it.  Some dude’s voice asked for the girl but she was in the bathroom.

Fast forward to the next night.  The girl and I had sex in that same bed.  Turns out that the guy on the phone was an LJBF of hers.  After he called and spoke with me they had lunch and he asked who I was.  She said, “Oh, a guy who slept over.”  He said, “Did you fuck him?”  She said, “No.”  He said, “Why not?  He sounded cute.  Don’t let him get away.”

The next night she and I were screwing.

So here was a guy who was into this chick, wasn’t able to bang her, but passed her pussy forward to me.  Without his help I may have never screwed her.  And he did this by lowering her perceived market value a little by suggesting that she would lose me if she didn’t screw me.  He also empowered her by asking whether she had fucked me.

This is what men should be doing all the time.  Pass the Pussy Forward.  I do it as much as I can.  I’ll give you two examples, once recently when I lowered a woman’s perceived market value, and secondly my continual attempts to make sex feel empowering to women.

I had a first date planned with a chick and we were texting back and forth the day before it was to happen.  At some point she said something like, “You’re really hot but I never have sex on the first date.  The second date is another story ;)”  Instead of accepting this, I cancelled the date and told her to find someone else.  I told her that nothing throws cold water on a man’s libido like a woman saying she wouldn’t sleep with him.  She was taken aback and pissed off, but coincidentally a friend of a friend and I were talking months later and he said he had a short fling with her and she had no trouble putting out on the first date.  Because of her bad attitude I didn’t bother trying to scrounge for her pussy but instead helped make it easier for other men to screw her quicker, easier and cheaper.

I’ve done this many times over the years to women who have high self-perceived mating market value.  If a few men do this to the same woman, before long she’s really easy to screw.

Here’s another thing I do: I empower women to think of themselves as sexual aggressors by ascribing the verb “fuck” to them.  Just as the guy in my story above did.  I say, “She fucked that guy,” or “You fucked me the other night,” or “Let’s fuck each other.”  If you think about it physiologically, women are the fuckees and men the fuckers.  However, I like to empower them so they feel that by having sex with men they are controlling the situation, not being controlled.  I want them to feel that sex is their idea and that they want to screw men quickly and easily.  Everyone likes to feel powerful, and if you make women feel empowered by screwing men, they will do it more often.  They won’t think of their pussies as prizes to be won, but as tools to be used.

Just as I’ve been helped by other men to get laid, I like to help other men get laid.  And you should too.  This means: don’t pay high prices for sex, don’t kowtow to women to have sex, don’t put them on pedestals or make them think they’re super hot, don’t wait for sex, make sex a priority in relationships, empower women to have sex, make women think they are the ones initiating and deriving power from sex…. etc etc etc.

Remember the Alpha Male Golden Rule: If you can’t screw a girl, make it easier for the next guy to.  Pass the Pussy Forward.