‘Man-on-Man’ vs. ‘Zone’ Defense Dating Strategies

In team sports there are usually two major types of defense.  One is called “Man” or “Man-on-Man” where you pick one guy and guard him and try to prevent him from getting the ball.  Wherever he goes, you go too.

The other type of defense is called “Zone” defense where you pick one area of the field or court and deal with any opposing player who comes into that zone.  When the opposing player leaves your zone, you let him go and don’t follow.  Sometimes there’s one player in your zone, sometimes several, sometimes none.  You don’t really care about each individual player, you care about doing your job within the confines of your zone.

If you want to bang a lot of girls you need to play “zone” rather than “man.”  Your “zone” is getting laid.  Women will come into your zone, leave your zone, sometimes there will be several women in your zone, sometimes there will be none.

You do not want to play “man” where you chase one particular woman all over the field.  This is also called “oneitis” or “prelude to marriage.”

A kid’s coach once told me he never let any of his younger teams play zone defense.  Why?  Because inexperienced players tend to get distracted by one opposing player and end up following him all over the field whether they’re supposed to or not.  Then the zone collapses and it all becomes a de facto “man” defense anyway.

Same thing goes with new guys on the mating market.  They set up their zone, some chick comes into it or looks like she’ll come into it and the guy latches onto her and follows her out of his zone.

And believe me, women want to lead you out of your zone and into theirs.  Theirs usually involves you making commitments to them and whatever offspring they may wish to have (or already do have).  This is not in your personal best interest if you want to bang lots of chicks or otherwise lead a relatively independent life.

Focus on your zone, whatever it is.  For me, it’s “cheap, quick sex with reasonably attractive women.”  That’s a good summation of my zone.  I will entertain any woman who is in that zone or looks like she is about to enter the zone, but if she avoids the zone or starts to leave the zone, guess what, my attention leaves her.  If she comes back into the zone, then great, she regains my attention.  If she orbits my zone and refuses to actually enter, then after a few attempts to get her into my zone I’ll just ignore her.

Sometimes months will go by with no woman in my zone.  So be it.  I might expand the zone a little out of frustration during those dry phases, I’ll admit.  But not by much.  Usually if I go out more or get more aggressive, I’ll find women in my zone.

So again, focus on your zone, not on women themselves.  Eventually it will become second-nature, the borders of your zone will strengthen, and nobody will be able to draw you out, no matter how much drama she instigates 😉