Reposting some of my stuff from Sosuave

So I’m pretty done with  It’s the only “seduction” forum I’ve been a part of in years and it’s gotten quite awful, as they all tend to.   There are essentially two or three types of posters.  The first are old misogynist trolls who post several new threads a day along the lines of “Are all women stupid whores?”   The second are young noobs who post questions that have been answered a billion times.  The following topics make my skin crawl:

1) There’s this one girl at school…

2) There’s this one girl at work…

3) There’s this one girl at the coffee shop…

Then of course there are teenagers who write up long posts attempting to “educate” the world with their vast knowledge of women but which just rehash 1000 bromides.  Those might be the silliest.

The problem with the internet is that everyone has a voice, even those who don’t deserve one.  I guess the worst part for me is that I’ll take time to post an interesting topic, or answer a question thoughtfully, and my post will either be misconstrued, attacked, trolled, or completely ignored.  I feel like I’m casting pearls before swine and I’m just bored with the lack of quality thought there.

The upshot of all this is that over the next few weeks & months I’ll be looking back through my old posts there, fishing out anything I think might be interesting, and posting it here.  If I feel it needs commentary I will provide it.  Obviously there won’t be any discussion by others of it here, but by the time I post something online I’ve thought about it in so much depth that I don’t really believe any discussion is necessary.  And furthermore, I’ve seen comments on internet blogs.  They’re uniformly awful, perhaps worse than in forums.  Which is why they’re not allowed here.

So this way I can at least have a record of the stuff I’ve posted over the past two years, and I might come to some insights about my own thoughts and behaviors in that time period.

I’d like to take my ideas and use them to springboard into advanced topics, but the inability of most folks to understand and process new ideas has heretofore prevented that.  If there are any insights to be provided, looks like I’ll have to provide them myself.

In my next post I’ll talk about one insight that I already provided years ago, and which was only recently scientifically proven.


Why has the Seduction Community been overrun by the Men’s Rights Movement?

Back when I got interested in seduction, I was 20 years old and going through a breakup with a girlfriend, and wanted to learn how to get laid by more chicks.  At least I think that was the reason.  It could be I just stumbled upon Ross Jeffries’ “Get Laid” Newsletters on the primitive mid-90s Internet and thought they were funny and interesting.

That was almost a half a lifetime ago.  The purpose was to bang chicks easily.  I read and read and wrote and wrote about “game” and “seduction” on all sorts of internet forums.  At no time were politics or discussions about society included, other than what was necessary to understand seduction techniques.

Then something changed.  I guess I’m a slow learner, because only recently has it become clear to me that somehow the Men’s Rights Movement (which I have very little interest in or knowledge about) has co-opted the Seduction Community.

No longer is seducing broads and banging chicks about personal pleasure and fun, now it’s some sort of grand statement about mankind as a whole.  Specifically, it seems, we are using “game” not to just get a chick’s clothes off, but to completely subjugate the entire female gender.

This comes as news to me.  I guess I’m years behind the curve.

Roosh V’s blog says:

The term “manosphere” is generally applied to any game or men’s right blog that goes against mainstream thinking of pedestalizing women at the expense of men.

[…] I have found an article that effortlessly ties in all our beliefs. It makes it clear what we stand for while offering one devastating argument after another against feminist thinking.


Umm.. ok.  I didn’t know that my attempts to get laid without jumping through hoops and spending a shit-ton of cash had such political and sociological ramifications.  And frankly I don’t really care.

“Roosh” goes on, quoting a manosphere site…

‘Beta males who were told to follow a responsible, productive life of conformity found that they were swindled.’

The author describes the climate that gave rise to game and guys like me, even though he gets a bit moral about its application. By teaching you game, I hope that you will avoid a fate that befall many men in America.

Wow ok.   What “gave rise” to guys like me was the desire to fuck lots of chicks.  That’s it.

Well, perhaps I’ve been running game for so long that I simply don’t identify with “beta males” the world over.  As stated before in this blog I have no desire to get married, no desire to have kids, no desire to own a home, and little desire to interact meaningfully with society other than making enough money to allow me to live and bang chicks.  And play some tennis too, I love that shit.  Super fun and great exercise.

All this hand-wringing seems rather unenlightened to me.  Yeah, now’s a bad time to get married and have kids.  For many reasons, not just because of “feminism.”  But who really wants to do that anyway?  Do men really still desire a wife and a family?  I haven’t desired any of that … ever.

Furthermore, in reading “manosphere” blogs they all seem to be written by right-wingers.  I’m a liberal (bordering on libertarian) white-collar atheist living in a huge metropolis on the West coast.   Not exactly a recipe for conservatism.  Traditional and, especially, religious values have absolutely zero influence on my life.  So no, I’m not going to agree that we should go back to an age where women were barefoot and pregnant.  Traditional gender roles suck, because they impose too many restrictions … ON ME.   I don’t want to be a breadwinner, I don’t want to be a husband, I don’t want to be a father.  And I don’t want to have to pretend to want those things just to get pussy.

Personally, I’d love the feminist movement to become even more radicalized.  I’d love it if women slaved away at jobs and my role was simply to look good and fuck great.  I’d love that.  Are you kidding me?  That would be my dream come true.  Women hitting on me, chasing me, buying me drinks, driving me around, and having sex with me without any desire for marriage or children or commitment.  That’s my heaven.  I’m a pimp at heart baby.

Here’s the first sentence from the article that Roosh links to above:

Why does it seem that American society is in decline…


It doesn’t, numbnuts!  I banged 12 different chicks in the past 12 months.  American society is looking pretty damn good to me.

Then it occurred to me: Fascism has co-opted seduction!  There’s no other term for it.  Gender fascism.

Basically fascism goes like this: “There is a problem with this world, and it’s caused by _________________.”

Fill in the blank with your “ism” of choice.  Feminism, communism, judaism, multiculturalism … whatever.  The first thing you need to do is convince people there’s a problem.  Then you lay the blame.  Then you fire up the ovens.

But then I started thinking.  Maybe I’m the face of the manosphere itself.  Maybe I look down on it because it seems unevolved to me.  I don’t identify with “beta” males and can’t remember a time when I ever did.  Yes, I was kind of geeky and not very good with women as a teen and I didn’t have that many girls even into my 20s, but I never saw myself as a “victim.”  I always figured I could do better at seduction.  Maybe I “swallowed the red pill” so early in life, and have been living that way so long (17 or so years), that I no longer feel oppressed by anything or anyone.  Maybe I think men’s rights are lame because I’ve already progressed far past them!

Beta males who were told to follow a responsible, productive life of conformity found that they were swindled.

I don’t remember ever being told to follow a responsible, productive life of conformity.   And if I ever was, I don’t remember ever obeying or even caring what other people told me to do.  And I’ve never felt swindled by women, society, or anyone.

Rather, I feel like this is a perfect time for guys like me.  I feel like it’s a time when single men are more free than any other time in human history.  I can bang chicks without worrying about having to marry them and without wanting to start a family with them, and without having to buy them tons of shit.

I guess I just don’t understand the anger of the manosphere.  I seduce women because I like sex and I like having it with as many chicks as possible without spending too much time or money.  Period.  I don’t do it to make a political statement, I don’t do it to defeat “feminism,” and I certainly don’t do it because I feel oppressed by anyone.

I do it for fun.  Manosphere writers seem so grim.  No fun at all.

I wish I knew how the Seduction community got overrun by these knuckleheads.  Seduction is about sex and having a good time, not about “getting back” at women.  Not about belittling them or subjugating them.  The end goal is sex, not dominance.  Certainly not revenge.

Anyway I find it strange.  I was hoping to come to some sort of conclusion here but I guess I can’t.  Maybe I was steeped in Seduction before it became a political statement and therefore the manosphere makes no sense to me.  Maybe I’m just successful at seduction whereas these guys aren’t, and so they’re bitter and I’m not.  Maybe I just avoided the pitfalls that they didn’t and so I can’t feel their pain.  Maybe alphas can never understand what it’s like to be a beta. 😉

I just don’t know.  I hope I never understand them, because quite honestly they seem like real downers.