Reposting some of my stuff from Sosuave

So I’m pretty done with  It’s the only “seduction” forum I’ve been a part of in years and it’s gotten quite awful, as they all tend to.   There are essentially two or three types of posters.  The first are old misogynist trolls who post several new threads a day along the lines of “Are all women stupid whores?”   The second are young noobs who post questions that have been answered a billion times.  The following topics make my skin crawl:

1) There’s this one girl at school…

2) There’s this one girl at work…

3) There’s this one girl at the coffee shop…

Then of course there are teenagers who write up long posts attempting to “educate” the world with their vast knowledge of women but which just rehash 1000 bromides.  Those might be the silliest.

The problem with the internet is that everyone has a voice, even those who don’t deserve one.  I guess the worst part for me is that I’ll take time to post an interesting topic, or answer a question thoughtfully, and my post will either be misconstrued, attacked, trolled, or completely ignored.  I feel like I’m casting pearls before swine and I’m just bored with the lack of quality thought there.

The upshot of all this is that over the next few weeks & months I’ll be looking back through my old posts there, fishing out anything I think might be interesting, and posting it here.  If I feel it needs commentary I will provide it.  Obviously there won’t be any discussion by others of it here, but by the time I post something online I’ve thought about it in so much depth that I don’t really believe any discussion is necessary.  And furthermore, I’ve seen comments on internet blogs.  They’re uniformly awful, perhaps worse than in forums.  Which is why they’re not allowed here.

So this way I can at least have a record of the stuff I’ve posted over the past two years, and I might come to some insights about my own thoughts and behaviors in that time period.

I’d like to take my ideas and use them to springboard into advanced topics, but the inability of most folks to understand and process new ideas has heretofore prevented that.  If there are any insights to be provided, looks like I’ll have to provide them myself.

In my next post I’ll talk about one insight that I already provided years ago, and which was only recently scientifically proven.