The “3-Date Rule” is for Betas

Heartiste’s blog talks about the 3-Date vs the “4-Date” Rule here:

Misses the point, of course.  If you’re still waiting 3 dates for sex, you’re a chump and a beta.  Here’s the response I wrote before re-realizing that for some reason I’ve been banned from posting comments on Heartiste’s blog.  Thankfully I copied and pasted it into Notebook before submitting the comment.


I don’t wait more than one date.  I screen heavily before then and if she doesn’t put out on date one I’ve got a half dozen more chicks waiting in the wings.  I haven’t broken this rule in a couple of years now, except for 2 chicks I dumped after date one for not putting out and they emailed me a couple of weeks later with an invitation to come over and nail them, which I did.

Not to say this always works — I’ve missed lays with cute girls that would have happened on subsequent dates — but my confidence shoots sky-high when I can dump a chick after one date, knowing I’ve got plenty of others to choose from.  Imagine the mental fortitude required to dump an 8 who’s into you but won’t put out on the first date.

HB8: “I really like you but I’m not the kind of girl who sleeps with guys on the first date.  Next time though… (wink wink).

YOU: “Sorry toots, it was now or never.  Bye bye.”

It’s a trip, and I firmly believe it makes you more attractive to women.  How many guys have the nuts to dump a good looking girl who wants to screw them but wants to do it next time rather than this time?  How many?  What kind of guy would do that?  What kind of options must he have?

There is no substitute for plenitude.  None.


If you read my last post you’ll realize I haven’t followed up and posted my prediction that came true.  I will, I’m just doing other stuff right now.