Female Hypergamy Must Be Stopped or We’ll All Die!!!!!1111

Oh no it’s “female hypergamy,” that bogeyman tormenting Men’s Rights bloggers since they came up with the name!

You see, apparently western civilization is facing a crisis that, if left unchecked, will doom us all.  That’s the recent, modern and oh so liberal phenomenon of *gasp* women trying to marry men who are extremely desirable!

Call the press!  Call the police!  The plague is spreading and will consume us all!

Never in the history of mankind have women attempted to “marry up.”  Never.  It’s all a result of feminism, you see.  Females have gotten all hypergamous, you see.  “Hyper” meaning, like, “up” or something, and “gamous” meaning, uh.. marriage, right?

And this is really bad because of Briffault’s Law that states that women, and women alone, interact with others only when it benefits them.  Because we all know that men — as the logical and rational sex — will associate with everyone everywhere whether it benefits them or not.   That’s because men are logical and women emotional.  Every one of them.  Every man is 100% logical, and every woman is 100% emotional, all the time.

Logic and emotions use different parts of the brain, see.  And men don’t have those parts that women have and vice versa.  It’s a wonder that men and women can even breed because it seems we’re different species!  Men are like the super awesome species with strength and logic and women are a whole ‘nother different species that’s weak and emotional and.. and.. hypergamous!

Greed, that’s what it is.  Greed.  All because of feminism.  Feminism has made women greedy when in the olden days before those bad feminists came along women were all wonderful and giving.  And they were chaste and wonderful and sweet.  And wonderful.  And they mated with none-too-special guys like me!  They didn’t try for what they couldn’t get.  They could only get average guys like myself and they were happy with those guys and they cooked and cleaned and did what they were told and they didn’t talk back!  Ever!

Then feminism came along and look where we are now!  Women, going to college more than men, getting cooler jobs than men, not doing what they’re told anymore, not being willing to have sex with guys like me!  I hate them all!!

I hate them I hate themIhatethem!!!!!

But I have a solution!  Hear me brethren!  The solution is this: let’s just make women start listening to us again.  Even more, let’s make women start obeying us again.  I’m not really sure how to do it but that’s the plan anyway.  Because if I’m in charge.. I mean we.. If we’re in charge again and women have to do what we say, then the world will be a much better place again.  Like it was in the olden days when there was no crime or slavery or genocide or violence or bad marriages or shitty reality shows on practically every fucking channel what the fuck!!

That’s it.  That’s the solution.  The final solution!  We must band together, gentlemen. It’s women who’ve gotten uppity.  Women who’ve put us in this hellhole of a society.  Every bad thing that’s ever happened is because of women, and every good thing is because of men like you and I.. or is that you and me?  Doesn’t matter!

So remember that, lads.  Remember!  As we take back this society from women.  You and I, the two of us.  Men together.  Men forever.  No girls allowed!

Unless they want to have sex with me.