“Sigma Males” Don’t Exist

I like Vox’s Alpha-Omega male classification system.  I do.  It’s much more interesting and descriptive than the typical Alpha-male / Beta-male descriptors.

I will point you to his article for the list.  It’s on the blog “Alpha Game Plan.”  The original post was in 2011 and since then has been talked about a fair amount on various other blogs and forums:


Instead of the typical binary “Alpha = stud” and “Beta = dud” meme, Vox breaks things down into six groupings: Alpha, Beta, Delta, Gamma, Omega, and “Sigma.”  (His seventh category, “Lambda,” seems to be a euphemism for gays and won’t be addressed here.)

I won’t argue with Alpha through Omega.  These seem like decent descriptors of their relative male categories.

However, his concept of the “Sigma Male,” the guy who stands apart from the Alpha-Omega classification hierarchy, who does his own thing, and who magically winds up with hot chicks, is utter bullshit.

Accord to Vox, a Sigma is “the outsider who doesn’t play the social game, [yet manages] to win at it anyhow.”  “[Sigmas] are at the top of the social hierarchy despite their refusal to play by its rules.”  Yeah right.  And I’m Batman.

When I first read the description of the Sigma male I laughed out loud.  No doubt the author, Vox, saw himself as this special sort of “Sigma” character.  The kick-ass lone wolf who can out-game even the popular guys.  I have no doubt his “Sigma” character is Vox’s own fantasy of the person he desperately wishes he were.

But it’s bullshit.

The “Sigma Male” is the dream of Gamma and Omega Males everywhere.   Wow.. I can be aspie as fuck, a complete social outcast, not have any friends… and still bang hot chicks??  And be more awesome than even alpha males??  Sign me up!!

Fact is, nobody stands apart from the hierarchy.  You’re in it whether you want to be or not.  If you try to stand apart from the herd, you are simply forgotten and wind up as low or lower than the omegas.  Sorry, it’s true.  Look at any hermit, social outcast, or crazy homeless guy and you’re not going to see some loner rebel stud who has magical effects on women; you’re just going to see some crazy dude with delusions of his own importance in the world.

The Sigma Male is a pathetic fantasy.  And really, it’s a pretty embarrassing one.  It’s as bad as pretending that you’re a powerful spellcaster, a sexy vampire, or the captain of a starship.  If you find yourself identifying with it, you should suck it up and realize that you’re actually just a Gamma or Omega and either accept that fact or try to improve yourself.

But believing that you’re somehow this awesome “Sigma Male” who can show up alone to the cool-kids’ party and all the hottest chicks will be checking you out due to your mysterious, lone-wolf persona… that’s just retarded.  Please stop deluding yourself.