MRAs, PUAhaters, MGTOWs, and other red-pill failures

There a several types of men in the world.

The first are the “blue pill” men. They haven’t swallowed the “red pill” and still are caught in the lies and traps of society. We won’t discuss them here.

Then there are those men who have swallowed the “red pill.” PUAs are those who have successfully swallowed it. MRA guys, PUAhaters and MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) are those who have unsuccessfully swallowed it.

PUAs (Pick Up Artists). These are the guys who have realized what they had to realize about women and are busy trying to exploit that knowledge for their own benefit, as they should.

They have varying success rates but the key part of being a PUA is a total lack of bitterness about their new red-pill knowledge. They understand that it is their job to change, not reality’s job. Because reality won’t change. They understand this at a fundamental psychological level.

MRAs (Men’s Rights) guys. They have unsuccessfully swallowed the red pill, and have developed a hatred toward women.

Though they’ll pretend they don’t; they’ll suggest that certain types of women are great. Women from the past, women from far-off lands, traditional women who no longer exist, etc. etc. Of course the women they meet on a daily basis — that is, 100% of the women in their world — are awful. But they don’t hate women. They just hate every woman currently alive within a 2000 mile radius 😉

And oh how they blog about that hate. Their red-pill knowledge shines through with their excellent insights into women’s minds; but they fail to understand that women are human just as they are. It is their downfall. When their negative emotions well up too far, they kill women.

PUAhate guys. They guys frequent the (currently offline) web site They too have unsuccessfully swallowed the red pill, but they have developed a hatred toward other men.

This hate becomes a negative obsession with men, just as MRAs develop a negative obsession with women. PUAhaters will critique the physicality, status, and finances of other men to the tiniest detail, finding everyone but the top 0.01% lacking.

Of course, to them, only the richest and most attractive men are beloved by women. If you’re not a male model (and none of them are), then no woman will want to sleep with you.

Their red-pill knowledge shines through in their insight into other men — what makes men attractive at a surface-level. But their bitterness precludes them from understanding that there are facets beyond the surface that also make men attractive.

When these men blow up, they kill mostly other men. 4 of the 6 of Elliot Rodger’s victims were dudes. The two women were something of an afterthought.

MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way). This is a relatively new “club” with a small population but it appears to be an attempt to get away from the bitterness of the prior two camps and allow men to simply disengage from the mating market.

While this is probably an admirable alternative to wallowing in bitterness for those who have unsuccessfully swallowed the red pill, the group doesn’t actually live up to its name.

Its web site still seems to have a great deal of bitterness toward women. So I’d suggest that this group is merely an even more stunted version of the MRA group.

For in reality, men who’ve truly “gone their own way” no longer obsess over women. They certainly don’t sit around blogging about them. They’re off fishing in Alaska or designing sports cars or playing video games or whatever. They have truly forgotten about the mating market.

Conclusion. It is interesting that some men simply can’t handle the red-pill truth. MRAs, PUAhaters, MGTOW and likely countless others have not been able to assimilate the knowledge into their lives in a healthy way.

All have one major symptom: bitterness. Which is why, long ago, I suggested in another post not to take advice from bitter men. Why? Because they have lost. They have not been successful, they are not the winners. It’s perilous to take advice from failures, especially mating market failures.


Polyamory must sever itself from Kink to become mainstream

I consider myself to be polyamorous. I would like to see polyamory become mainstream in my lifetime. I would even like to see some sort of poly marriage to become available in my lifetime.

A half-century ago, interracial marriage became acceptable.

As I write this, gay marriage is becoming acceptable.

I would like to see polygamy become acceptable. Not just a relic from 19th century Utah. And I think it’s getting close. Because people can understand what it’s like to care for — even love — more than one person at once. It’s a familiar condition of human existence.

Unfortunately, right now the “poly community” is grossly intertwined with the “kink community” and other oddities like the transgendered community, pan-sexual communities, nudists, swingers, tantric practitioners, etc.

These other groups will not become mainstream in the near future. They are too strange for the western bourgeois middle-class to deal with any time soon.  They will linger in the shadows of society, populated by a small coterie of adherents, for many years.

Polyamory, by its nature, works best when there are lots of people who practice it.  Therefore, mainstream acceptability is required.  And it is achievable.  But if polyamory wants to achieve some sort of mainstream acceptability, like the gay community has, it will have to — for lack of a better way of putting it — shed the weirdos.

Polyamory will have to consciously kick out the BDSM crowd, the transvestites, the golden shower aficionados, the fetishists… and all those people who will wallow as second-class citizens for the foreseeable future.

It’s like, when you move out of the ghetto, you really have to boot your ghetto friends out of your life or they’ll drag you back down. Polite society won’t have them.  Same with poly. Poly is, I believe, a decade or two from mainstream acceptability if the poly community plays its cards right. And that means severing all ties with the kinksters and moving into the respectable mainstream where poly belongs and where it will flourish.


Run hamster run! Deluded women trying to convince themselves that their SMV isn’t declining

In the past year or so there have been several feeble female blogger attempts to refute the fact that men age better than women.  To do that they conveniently ignore about 20,000 years of evidence, common sense, the theory of evolution, and observations by every culture in the history of mankind.  Run, Hamster, RUN!

Here’s a typical one, from some nameless broad’s blog I won’t bother naming or linking to:

Average male SMV (that is, SEXUAL market value) is NEVER above average female SMV. It isn’t how the sexes work. When it comes to sex, women, on average, are the ones with the goods, at ANY age. If male average SMV was higher than female average SMV above the age of 35, then

1)Prostitution would reverse itself – men would sell, and women buy

2)Women over 35 would have a hard time getting laid, and the only thing men over 35 would need to get laid, is to “just be there”

3)Women who get laid a lot after 35 would be considered skilled players.

That is simply not the case.

If we’re talking about raw SMV, and not MMV (marriage market value) or RMV (relationship market value), then a male 7 and a female 7, despite having the same name, do not have the same SMV. He is a 7, and she is more like a 700.

Here’s my response:

1)Prostitution would reverse itself – men would sell, and women buy

It does, dumbass.  Do you see men paying for 40+ year old women?  Um, no.  Not unless the guy is 60+.  Actually, the whole “cougar” phenomenon is women who have enough cash from their divorces “buying” younger men. How many guys walk into the local brothel and say, “Give me a middle-aged chick.” Bahahhaa.  And yet, how many “cougar cruises” go to tropical destinations where the old bitches on board pay dearly for swarthy local studs?  Yeah.

2)Women over 35 would have a hard time getting laid, and the only thing men over 35 would need to get laid, is to “just be there”

That is the case. By “hard time,” we mean that older women have to be much sluttier and do more shit for the guy. Older women have to put out fast and — if the guy is hot enough — he ain’t gonna bang her at all no matter what she does. Given my own experience, it has become easier and easier for me to bang chicks of all ages as I age. My SMV has risen a GREAT deal compared to my SMV in my early- and mid-20s.

3)Women who get laid a lot after 35 would be considered skilled players.

No they would be considered “desperate.” Basically, women who get laid a lot after 35 put out the “I’m easy” and/or “I’ll do anything for you” vibe. They make the first move, offer themselves sexually and usually offer to split the bill or pay the whole thing. They have to. Because guys don’t want to fuck old women.

If we’re talking about raw SMV, and not MMV (marriage market value) or RMV (relationship market value), then a male 7 and a female 7, despite having the same name, do not have the same SMV. He is a 7, and she is more like a 700.

You wish honey.  You take two looks-matched 50 year olds — man and woman — and the man will have FAR more mating opportunities than the woman.  Don’t want to believe me?  Wait around a little.

I’m no fan of the manosphere — that much should be clear by now. But the idea that women have a high SMV after the age of 35, 40, 45… that’s utter bullshit. Anybody with even the smallest shred of common sense and the slightest inkling to actually observe the world around them can see that’s a lie.

And, as far as men go, 90% of the time their SMV rises as they age until they’re late 40s or so. Only the hunkiest and laziest of guys have higher SMV at the age of 25 than they do at 35. Guys who perhaps didn’t age well or didn’t work hard enough to make something of themselves. Yeah, if you’re a hot 25 year old dude working in a garage, you’re going to have higher SMV than a past-his-prime 40 year old dude working in a garage. But the average guy who has gained money and status and has kept his looks to a reasonable degree will be pulling more tail at the age of 40 than he did at 25.

To think otherwise is to delude yourself. I hate people who delude themselves. It’s an embarrassment to everyone. Both the men’s right’s movement and the crazy feminist bloggers are kooky beyond belief.

“Sigma Males” Don’t Exist

I like Vox’s Alpha-Omega male classification system.  I do.  It’s much more interesting and descriptive than the typical Alpha-male / Beta-male descriptors.

I will point you to his article for the list.  It’s on the blog “Alpha Game Plan.”  The original post was in 2011 and since then has been talked about a fair amount on various other blogs and forums:

Instead of the typical binary “Alpha = stud” and “Beta = dud” meme, Vox breaks things down into six groupings: Alpha, Beta, Delta, Gamma, Omega, and “Sigma.”  (His seventh category, “Lambda,” seems to be a euphemism for gays and won’t be addressed here.)

I won’t argue with Alpha through Omega.  These seem like decent descriptors of their relative male categories.

However, his concept of the “Sigma Male,” the guy who stands apart from the Alpha-Omega classification hierarchy, who does his own thing, and who magically winds up with hot chicks, is utter bullshit.

Accord to Vox, a Sigma is “the outsider who doesn’t play the social game, [yet manages] to win at it anyhow.”  “[Sigmas] are at the top of the social hierarchy despite their refusal to play by its rules.”  Yeah right.  And I’m Batman.

When I first read the description of the Sigma male I laughed out loud.  No doubt the author, Vox, saw himself as this special sort of “Sigma” character.  The kick-ass lone wolf who can out-game even the popular guys.  I have no doubt his “Sigma” character is Vox’s own fantasy of the person he desperately wishes he were.

But it’s bullshit.

The “Sigma Male” is the dream of Gamma and Omega Males everywhere.   Wow.. I can be aspie as fuck, a complete social outcast, not have any friends… and still bang hot chicks??  And be more awesome than even alpha males??  Sign me up!!

Fact is, nobody stands apart from the hierarchy.  You’re in it whether you want to be or not.  If you try to stand apart from the herd, you are simply forgotten and wind up as low or lower than the omegas.  Sorry, it’s true.  Look at any hermit, social outcast, or crazy homeless guy and you’re not going to see some loner rebel stud who has magical effects on women; you’re just going to see some crazy dude with delusions of his own importance in the world.

The Sigma Male is a pathetic fantasy.  And really, it’s a pretty embarrassing one.  It’s as bad as pretending that you’re a powerful spellcaster, a sexy vampire, or the captain of a starship.  If you find yourself identifying with it, you should suck it up and realize that you’re actually just a Gamma or Omega and either accept that fact or try to improve yourself.

But believing that you’re somehow this awesome “Sigma Male” who can show up alone to the cool-kids’ party and all the hottest chicks will be checking you out due to your mysterious, lone-wolf persona… that’s just retarded.  Please stop deluding yourself.

Female Hypergamy Must Be Stopped or We’ll All Die!!!!!1111

Oh no it’s “female hypergamy,” that bogeyman tormenting Men’s Rights bloggers since they came up with the name!

You see, apparently western civilization is facing a crisis that, if left unchecked, will doom us all.  That’s the recent, modern and oh so liberal phenomenon of *gasp* women trying to marry men who are extremely desirable!

Call the press!  Call the police!  The plague is spreading and will consume us all!

Never in the history of mankind have women attempted to “marry up.”  Never.  It’s all a result of feminism, you see.  Females have gotten all hypergamous, you see.  “Hyper” meaning, like, “up” or something, and “gamous” meaning, uh.. marriage, right?

And this is really bad because of Briffault’s Law that states that women, and women alone, interact with others only when it benefits them.  Because we all know that men — as the logical and rational sex — will associate with everyone everywhere whether it benefits them or not.   That’s because men are logical and women emotional.  Every one of them.  Every man is 100% logical, and every woman is 100% emotional, all the time.

Logic and emotions use different parts of the brain, see.  And men don’t have those parts that women have and vice versa.  It’s a wonder that men and women can even breed because it seems we’re different species!  Men are like the super awesome species with strength and logic and women are a whole ‘nother different species that’s weak and emotional and.. and.. hypergamous!

Greed, that’s what it is.  Greed.  All because of feminism.  Feminism has made women greedy when in the olden days before those bad feminists came along women were all wonderful and giving.  And they were chaste and wonderful and sweet.  And wonderful.  And they mated with none-too-special guys like me!  They didn’t try for what they couldn’t get.  They could only get average guys like myself and they were happy with those guys and they cooked and cleaned and did what they were told and they didn’t talk back!  Ever!

Then feminism came along and look where we are now!  Women, going to college more than men, getting cooler jobs than men, not doing what they’re told anymore, not being willing to have sex with guys like me!  I hate them all!!

I hate them I hate themIhatethem!!!!!

But I have a solution!  Hear me brethren!  The solution is this: let’s just make women start listening to us again.  Even more, let’s make women start obeying us again.  I’m not really sure how to do it but that’s the plan anyway.  Because if I’m in charge.. I mean we.. If we’re in charge again and women have to do what we say, then the world will be a much better place again.  Like it was in the olden days when there was no crime or slavery or genocide or violence or bad marriages or shitty reality shows on practically every fucking channel what the fuck!!

That’s it.  That’s the solution.  The final solution!  We must band together, gentlemen. It’s women who’ve gotten uppity.  Women who’ve put us in this hellhole of a society.  Every bad thing that’s ever happened is because of women, and every good thing is because of men like you and I.. or is that you and me?  Doesn’t matter!

So remember that, lads.  Remember!  As we take back this society from women.  You and I, the two of us.  Men together.  Men forever.  No girls allowed!

Unless they want to have sex with me.

OKCupid’s “Crazy Blind Date” is as misguided as Windows 8

I’ve been doing online dating regularly since 2002.  And I even dabbled with it somewhat back in ’99 and ’00 when Yahoo Personals was still free.  I’ve sent thousands of emails and perused tens of thousands of profiles on pretty much every online dating site that’s popped up and faded away over the years.  And I’ve dated and banged dozens of chicks from those sites in that time.

That’s why it pains me to see that has rolled out a harebrained idea called “Crazy Blind Date.”  Actually, it thrills me because I delight in Schadenfreude.  Speaking of Schadenfreude, have you tried Windows 8?  OKCupid’s shitty new dating idea reminds me a lot of it.

Just as Windows 8 attempts to “simplify” your user experience by taking away choices, so does Crazy Blind Date.  Want to set up an ad hoc wireless network in Windows 8?  Tough shit!  Want to see the person you’ll waste your Saturday night with on OKCupid?  Double tough shit!

Let’s look at why CBD sucks:

1)  Most people who do online dating are fat and/or ugly.  Sorry, had to be said.  I’ve spent untold man-hours “hiding” thousands of OKC users I would never, under any circumstances, stick my dick into.  Hot girls know they’re hot and put as many pics of themselves up as possible.  Only the fuglies don’t have pics.  Now they expect me to go out with someone who has a 95% chance of being one of these unfuckable broads?  Hell no.

2) Men usually pay for dates.  Despite the advances of feminism, which I truly love, men are still usually expected to pay for a first night out.  So now I’m paying for a date with some unknown she-beast who will cause my cock to shrivel once I get a good view of her?  Yeah… no.

3) The name is terrible.  “Crazy Blind Date.”  Crazy?  Really?  “Crazy” and “Blind Date” are not words I want anywhere near each other.   That’s like “Crazy Ex-Wife,” “Crazy Driver,” or “Crazy Mother-in-Law.”  These are bad terms to put together.  When I think of a “crazy” blind date I think of someone who kidnaps me, throws me in the trunk of a car, then leaves me blindfolded in a dumpster behind Jack in the Box after rifling through my wallet and pissing on my head.  This is not the kind of date I’m looking for.

4) The idea of Crazy Blind Date is that people will go out on some lukewarm pisser of a coffee date or something every single day of the week (read the press releases and interviews.)  I don’t know about you, but I simply don’t have the time or interest to do this.  I want to meet chicks who are attractive and fuckable and who want to screw me too, and if it turns into something more… great.  I’m certainly not going to spend my precious time going out with women for an endless string of boring first-dates, one after another after another.

5) This is purely a money-making ploy for OKCupid.  Much like Windows 8 — which is an attempt to move sheep consumers into a paradigm where they have to buy everything through an Apple-like “Windows Store” — Crazy Blind Date is not OKC’s attempt to solve any perceived need within the online dating community.  It’s simply an attempt to generate new revenue.

See, once you’ve gone out on your boring date with your new 300lb friend, you’re then expected to give OKC some of your money to rate the person or whatever.  I’m not really sure how it works and I really don’t give a shit.  But it’s clear that they’re promoting this scheme so hard that the owners of the company must need new Jaguars or something.

6) I want more choices, not fewer.  Just as Microsoft has finally, officially jumped the shark by releasing an operating system that simplifies stuff so much that most of the screen is filled with absolutely nothing, OKC seems to think that people encounter “too much information” online.   Therefore, just eliminate choices!  Who needs to see what the other person looks like or what they have to say on their profile?  That stuff shouldn’t be important to you anyway.  You’re just a lowly sheep consumer, so shut the fuck up and take what we give you.  We want more money and your ass is lucky to have anything at all, and don’t you forget it.

Honestly, the beauty of internet dating is that you can kind of figure out what the other person is like before you even meet.  You can eliminate tons and tons of people without wasting more time than the 5-15 seconds it takes to read their profile and look at their pics.  That is the one and pretty much only positive side to online dating.  Why would you want to remove that?  Makes no sense.

Note to technology companies: I’m not an idiot, there is not “too much information” or “too many choices” out there.  Sifting through a shit-ton of data every day is what it means to live in the 21st century.  If you are unable or unwilling to do so, join the Amish.  Give me more options, not fewer!

Just as Windows 8 is Microsoft’s cynical attempt to push its Windows Phone, its Windows Tablet, and its Windows Store rather than deliver a useful and cutting-edge operating system, OKCupid’s “Crazy Blind Date” is more of an attempt to generate another revenue stream for the company than actually enhance the dating experience.

Which is sad because it’s not like “free” online dating sites are lacking in money-making potential.  They generate huge amounts of revenue for their owners without having to push anything other than ads.  And the OKC matching system is one that actually works because it gives — what’s that? — choices!  You can answer 1000 matching questions or zero.  The more effort you put into it, the better your matches will be.  Why would they come up with something that throws all that away?  No idea.

The funniest part to me was the day OKC scrambled everyone’s online dating photos to promote their new shitty service.  It was supposed to last the whole day, but only lasted a couple of hours before they restored everyone’s photos.  I have a feeling that the backlash or user dropoff was so great that they had to nix that idea.

Nobody but the worst kind of bored attention-whores would want to go out with people they can’t see or know anything about before the date, and then pay to “rate” them afterward.  Do you really think you’ll have a shot with a girl who’s been out with 5 guys in 5 days and is pushing each of them to “rate” her highly so that she can go on even more dates?  If so, I’ve got a bridge to sell you.

So just as Windows 8 was a huge clusterfuck of a mistake based upon the concept that “users are idiots,” Crazy Blind Date takes that philosophy to the online dating world and turns out to be a huge turd of a product as well.  I predict it will be scrubbed from the site within 6 months, and frankly it was probably designed to only last that long.  But both products, the new Windows and OKC’s new dating paradigm, will do what they’re supposed to do in the meantime: generate lots of $$$ for their creators until the public takes a deep breath and realizes that they simply suck.

Taking choices away from people is never a good long-term strategy.

The “3-Date Rule” is for Betas

Heartiste’s blog talks about the 3-Date vs the “4-Date” Rule here:

Misses the point, of course.  If you’re still waiting 3 dates for sex, you’re a chump and a beta.  Here’s the response I wrote before re-realizing that for some reason I’ve been banned from posting comments on Heartiste’s blog.  Thankfully I copied and pasted it into Notebook before submitting the comment.


I don’t wait more than one date.  I screen heavily before then and if she doesn’t put out on date one I’ve got a half dozen more chicks waiting in the wings.  I haven’t broken this rule in a couple of years now, except for 2 chicks I dumped after date one for not putting out and they emailed me a couple of weeks later with an invitation to come over and nail them, which I did.

Not to say this always works — I’ve missed lays with cute girls that would have happened on subsequent dates — but my confidence shoots sky-high when I can dump a chick after one date, knowing I’ve got plenty of others to choose from.  Imagine the mental fortitude required to dump an 8 who’s into you but won’t put out on the first date.

HB8: “I really like you but I’m not the kind of girl who sleeps with guys on the first date.  Next time though… (wink wink).

YOU: “Sorry toots, it was now or never.  Bye bye.”

It’s a trip, and I firmly believe it makes you more attractive to women.  How many guys have the nuts to dump a good looking girl who wants to screw them but wants to do it next time rather than this time?  How many?  What kind of guy would do that?  What kind of options must he have?

There is no substitute for plenitude.  None.


If you read my last post you’ll realize I haven’t followed up and posted my prediction that came true.  I will, I’m just doing other stuff right now.